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Old 11-08-2009, 03:52 PM
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Default New Reptile/Amphibian

Hey well i am thinking of getting my first reptile/Amphibian and would like your input on what i should get, oi have £250 - 300 to spend on enclosure and the animal itself i would like something different to snakes as my mother dislikes them, but yeah can you also list what food they need because i dont think i will be able to keep crickets but it may be possible if needed. but yeah thanks for the help.!
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Old 11-08-2009, 06:39 PM
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Hi Jamesy

Welcome to the forums. You're in the right place, there is lots of good information here, so TAKE YOUR TIME! Do lots and lots of reading, ask questions and learn about these animals before taking the plunge. Many reptiles can live for 20 years or more so you really want to take the time now to do your research and be sure you can give the care and commitment required for the long haul!

Now we have that out of the way... if snake and anything which eats crickets are out of the question that narrows it down - a lot!

Most lizards suitable for newbie keepers will need to be fed on insects, and that will likely include crickets as a staple since they are cheap and readily available. Mealworms are not particularly nutritious, waxworms tend to be fattening, and locusts are considerably more expensive than crickets (and if you ca't keep crickets for whatever reason I suspect you can't keep locusts either!). The best diet is always a varied one, and if you're unable to provide that then maybe looking elsewhere is a good option...

Tortoises might be a viable option for you - since they don't require that you feed them insects. Many of the smaller species are easily managed and are fairly readily available. I'm not an expert on them though (although my sister has 3 magnificent Greek tortoises) so better to ask over in the tortoise forum!

You might have heard that iguanas are veggies so please let me steer you away from that thought now - they need a HUGE amount of care, and space, and are totally unsuitable for a beginner.

Your best bet really is to trawl through the pages on these forums, read lots of posts, click on links, ask lots of questions and find out all you can and narrow your search down over time. You need to find something that meets your requirements and that you really want to keep, then learn all you can about their care requirements and then you can make a decision about keeping them!

Hope that helps... I'm sure others will post some specific examples of of what might be suitable, just do your homework before making any long term commitments - and then enjoy this wonderful hobby!

All the best

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Given you don't want a snake or a cricket eater my first instinct was Blue Tongue Skink.

BTSs are not so common so could cost a bit to buy, and you'll need a 4' viv to hold him, though you can build your own quite cheap. You'll also need heating and possibly UV. It will be just inside your limit I think. But they are wonderful, laid back, intelligent pets who will interact with you like no other lizard. Take a look online for a caresheet and a few picsture.

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Old 14-08-2009, 11:20 AM
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i think u should start with a leo gecko! there quite small,very pretty and feed on mealworms at first! do alot of research first tho so u can care for ur reptile properly. there is alot of usefull info on here so ur always in good hands! x
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Old 14-08-2009, 11:30 AM
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yeh i would agree blue tongue skink, they are great and cheap to look after and there is lots of care sheets on these you i have mine in a 4 foot viv with a basking spot and uv light, she is kept on aspen which is real cheap she has logs for climbing and a hide hole she also has a cat litter tray that she has warm water put in everyday as she loves to bathe in it, she feeds on a mouse every month and fresh fruit and veg i dont feed her crickets rarely as she gets a bit to excited lol apart from that she is well friendly my kids love her and she loves coming out and chillin on the sofa n watching tv lol
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you can pick up 4 foot vivs very cheap and blue tongues around £90 in the right places but some places they can reach £150 so shop around and search on here some ppl sell them on here with vivs cheap
good luck
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