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Old 11-08-2009, 04:58 PM
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Default Hi All

Hello everyone my Name is Willie, i Had a Common Boa Constrictior when i was a teenager living at home with my parents once he reached 10ft and required a new set up i was forced to give him up against my will, but hey its their house. Any way after nr 10 years i know live in a place of me own with my own family and have been having some thought on breeding Chameleons and have started to research the internet for as much info as possible. Does any one on this site have any info for me please.
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hi and i dont know much about that breed of lizzard and i have not long joined the forum myself but i found that there are quite a few people who know there stuff on here have a look around on the forum your bound to to bump in to a few people who know a thing or two

good luck with the breeding
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I'm new to the forum today as well. Also don't know much about chameleons other than them needing a tall viv.

Hope someone more useful comes along soon. If not I do have a book with some info on them in, specifically the panther chameleon I think so message me and I can type up some of the info there.

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. Chams are a great reptile to keep. I suggest you do your research first though as they are not the easiet to keep. Here is the best care sheet on the net. It has everything!

The Chameleon Enthusiast - Owners Manual



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