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Default How often and how much do i feed an adult bearded dragon male??

Hi all just wanna settle an argument with parents,How much food does an adult male beardie need ie crickets and veg??and what veg?Thanks
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we feed greens daily. basically as much as the dragon will eat.spring greens, choi,rocket, lambs leaf, dandelion, butternut squash, parsnips, peppers etc. not all together just mix a few up for each feed so they don't get bored.
we also feed crickets, roaches,locusts or morios twice a week. remember to dust your livefood appropriatly.
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We feed ours fresh greens daily remember NO ICEBERG lettuce, then a mixture or crickets, marios, mealworms, locusts with the occasional beetle grub as a treat
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I only give mine fresh veg every other day, and offer him livefoods about the same days. Its not an exact schedule.

He doesn't eat much anymore so theres no point in just giving him food I know he wont eat

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