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Default Beardie help?!

Hi all,

I'm looking to get a beardie in the coming months and have spent ages looking at viariums and terrariums of all kinds. I love the exo terra terrariums and have decided to get the 90cm one.

Only thing is, despite all the trawling through websites, i'm unsure about the lighting.

I wanted to get one of the new-ish dual top canopy (also exo terra) lights.

Will this be enough UV light and basking light for the beardie all in one?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Old 25-08-2009, 05:26 PM
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90cms is just under 3ft right? After doing my own beardie research I've learnt that they grow quite quickly and the best size viv to get is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft. I also believe temps can be aquired a lot easier in a wooden vivarium over a glass one. Id advise you to get the 4x2x2 and then you wont need to buy it a few months down the line when you're beardie has done some growing As for lighting and UVB Ive gone for a 36" Arcadia d3 12% UVB tube, and basking light Ive gone for a spot bulb which are available in most DIY shops like B&Q, can also get them in asda i believe. Hope I was helpful!

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Hi Squonk,

Thanks for the reply. Yep, 90cms is 3ft. I have looked at the wooden ones and did have one when i had a leopard gecko years back. I just kinda prefer the look of the glass one. When he/she (soon to be named Asbo!) gets too big, i'll re-evaluate.

I did read in numerous places that its better to get a slightly smaller one for a baby anyway.

Can't wait to get Asbo!

Does anyone know about the lighting for exo terras? I've looked at the Canopies for them and can't make out the difference between the compact and the dual (apart from about £60!)

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