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Question Advice on Uromastyx?

I am new to reptile keeping pretty much, besides having baby sat for a friends geckos whilst she was on holiday and also working in a pet shop. i have near no experience with keeping them myself, having focused mostly on small animals in my time.
Recently i have been looking into getting a Mali Uromastyx for myself, and have learnt all the basics, apart from a couple of things:

Firstly, i know they need UVA and (most importantly) UVB rays, but which specific bulb/s and wattage of bulb, is best to get for this? there are so many! the vivarium i plan to purchase is about 92 x 40 x 40 cm, if thats any help?

and also, is it best to get a male or a female? I have heard the Female Uros are friendlier, but i have also heard they can prolapse when laying eggs, which worries me.

Any advice appreciated. thank you ^_^
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I would say a tank of those dimensions is nowhere near big enough for a Mali. Our Occellated pair are still only young and are startingto look cramped in one of similar size. Something 4x2x2 as a minimum for one and then 5x2x2 or over for a pair i would think.

The best lighting would probably be a Megaray bulb or other similar ballasted mercury vapour lamp to provide optimum UVB, and perhaps additional heat because they like it HOT! You could probably get away with using flourescent tubes or compact flourescents but the amount needed would be pricey and you would end up spending as much as the cost of a megaray anyway.
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