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its personal preference OP dont let anyone pressure you into feeling you must not use sand as there are some exceptable sand subs now on the market that are safe.
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Originally Posted by Crown Prince Of Crime View Post
Hi guys,

My leo is currently on newspaper but when she is old enough what should I put her on. When I bought my leo i got a free bag of caci sand, but Ive heard some bad stuff about it, why should'nt I use it

When I did keep Leos I used play sand without any problems. I would never recommend using calci sand. That's my opinion

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What makes calci sand more dangerous than play sand

thanks for all your replies
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Calcium sand encourages the animal to eat it to obtain their calcium requirements.

In sufficient quantities, calcium can "denature" the stomach acid, rendering itself (and everything else in the gut) completely indigestible. This is what can cause impaction.

I personally won't use any sand-based substrate for any animal that *does not live on loose dunes sand* in the wild.
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i keep mine on lino, and have had a lot of people comment on how natural it looks (especially if you manage to get hold of some stone effect). I originally had my 1st leo on calci-sand but removed it after reading up on impactation. Personally i'd rather not risk it but, as said its your own decision. The only thing i'd advise with lino is try and get it as thin as possible, the thicker stuff with extra backing can give off smelly fumes due to the resins & glues used. I got mine from a carpet shop for £10 for a massive peice that ended up lining 3 vivs twice over.

herea a pic to show you what it can look like...

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swift wraith, your viv looks really good I would like something like that for my leo, how thin should it be if I want to continue using my heat mat underneath the tank
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