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Smile Thanks Guys...Question about Dandelion Greens?

Thanks for all your responses guys!

Sorry to be dim, but when we say Dandelion Greens, are we talking the leaves and the green stem off a dandelion, and not the flower? confused

Looking forward to your responses, many thanks again
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Originally Posted by KungFu_Dragon View Post
Thanks guys, i feel much better now
Just a quick question, where can i find dandelion greens?

Thanks in advance

Jessy says 'Hi' to you all btw lol
garden. i collected dandelion flowers in the spring and put them in freezable tubs and now i can just run them under the tap or leave them in the fridge over night as and when i need them.

just DNT collect them from the side of the road they will be covered in toxins and u dnt know whether anyone has treated them with pestercides or ur nabourhood dog has relieved himself on them. nasty thought i know

EDIT: dandelion greens: leaves and stem. flowers separate should be used as a treat coz they can be quite rich.
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i pick my dandelions from my front garden wash them and then use my beardies love them
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Yeah mine love it love it love it.
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I didn't know they could eat the flower! Learn something new everyday
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