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Default What to start with?

Hi all,
As I pre-warned on my intro ....lots of questions. One of the biggest hurdles for me, is choosing which species of snake to get, this is because itís very likely going to be my ONLY snake and as they live for such a long time I want to make the right choice.

As I said in my intro, I have never owned a reptile, but have experience through my degree and other courses, so not a complete novice.

What I am looking for in a snake is something that is small, doesnít take up a lot of space because I live in an apartment (and have to convince the b/f to let me have the space), thatís interesting, attractive and fairly easy to keep.

On my shortlist originally were: Corn snakes (love Abbotts Okeetee), Milk snakes (love the Hypo Tangerine), King snakes ( Cali or the Arizona Mountain king snake is a bit gorgeous), Kenyan Sand Boas and the Western Hognose (Although I have also recently spied the Tricolor Hognose and thatís very nice...but a bit expensive lol).

However with space in mind, I donít think some of these species would be suitable in the apartment as I know some of the Milksnakes can get to 6ft so I am thinking that narrows it down to the Hognose and the Kenyan Sand Boa!?!?!?

So I guess my questions are....
* Opinions on what I have said?
*Other Small snake options? I may have missed.
* Hognose vs Sand Boa?
*What sort of Viv size are you looking at for these guys? Just to check.

Opinions are more than welcome as well as being pointed in the direction of some good resources.

Many thanks

Emily Butler x
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You'll get A LOT more succes posting this in the snake section... It's down to personal preference out of the two I'd get a kenyan sand, but look up rough scaled sands too there nice... I THINK sand boa's would need something like a 2 x 2 x 2 as an adult, an Vivexotic LX36 would be generous. Remember as babies they should be in RUB's or they will stop eating. As I said copy and paste this into the snake forum...
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Thanks for the advice, I shall post this in the snake section
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for price and how easy they are to care for, corn snakes. The variety of morphs at such a low price is always nice if you want a snake with great colours.

Things like smaller python and boa species should be alright, aswell as any colubrids.
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Sorry only just seen this reply.... thanks I restarted the thread in the snake part of the forum.

Thanks for the advice. I am swaying towards a Royal at the moment.
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begginer , hognose , new snake , sand boa

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