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Default Cat on a cruise

I'm going on a cruise next month and I am lucky enough to be taking my cat with mer, don't believe me? Check this out!
Pets Cruise Guide |
But I was just wondering, he's really naughty and chews everything in sight, what can I do to train him so he isn't so naughty?
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Must be a new reptile I've never heard of
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haha thats class!!!
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Thought this forum was for cats too
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There is an Other Pets section.

Would a cat actually enjoy being taken on a cruise though, wouldn't it be shut up a lot of the time? Seems to me it might be more for the owner's benefit that the cat's.
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Oh I didn't realise, and no they have a play area which is basically one whole deck, they are allowed in the rooms the only time they are locked up is at night time when everybody goes to bed
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