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Default Newbie heating question - Crestie setup

Hey all.

A question about my new Crestie setup. I'm getting an exo terra 30*30*45 terrarium. It's going to need heat as my house is quite cool, and also uv.

I don't really understand the heating options, especially the thermostats, that will work in this unit. I need the temp to stay round 24c thru the day then I assume a drop to 14c overnight. Also uv for 2hrs at dawn and dusk.

What do i need to get to get to mount all this on the canopy?

Thanks in advance for any input, and please don't hold back from correcting me if I've made any wrong assumptions.

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I was new to cresties this year too. I have mine in the largest exo terra 90/45/90 with the compact canopy. A 5% uv bulb on for approx 10 hours a day, and a heat mat on one side of the outside of the exo. It is on a habistat 100watt mat stat. This keeps the viv at about 22 degrees c during the day and drops to about 19 degrees at night. I did have a sun glo bulb in the canopy too, but these keep blowing after only a matter of days - Hagen sent me some from a different batch and they lasted about 3 weeks at best, so now just have the uv bulb. They are all thriving in their big house and have no problem finding their food.

I started out with my 4 babies in a 45/45/60 exo, but moved them upto their current one as they moved about so much - they really do use the whole thing. I have since got another 2 babies now in the old exo viv, and will be waiting until they are a similar size before moving them I with the others in the big house. I obv have the other vivs at the ready in case I need to separate any one from the others etc.
Hope this helps
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Thanks for the input. Appreciate it

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If you ask on the lizard section here Lizards - Reptile Forums
There will be a lot of people who can talk you through various heating methods for your new crestie
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