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Default please help

I have a 3ft viv with two royals. I have a heat mat which hits the temp at 21 degrees. Tried a heat bulb and hitting under this. Have been told not to use both but thing this maybe the onlywy but was also told that pythons are heavy body snakes and shouldnt be on a mat...

Please help thank you
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Is the bulb on a thermostat?

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OK firstly,where are you measuring the temps from and with what?
You are best using a digital thermometer and placing the probe on the mat itself. Do you have a thermostat running the mat( or bulb) For the mat i would use a pulse but you can use just a mat stat, and for a light emmitting bulb you would need a dimming thermostat. I would honestly go for a ceramic non light emmitting bulb and a pulse stat with a guard over the ceramic bulb as they get seriously hot and put the thermostat and thermometer probes together on the floor directly under the ceramic(or just a bit to one side, but not more than 5 or 6 inches away) Then just adjust the stat to get the temps right(the markings on the stat are not spot on)
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