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Default Just some advise on my Leo please.

Hi, when i brought my Leopard Gecko about 6 weeks ago the man in the shop said he was about 6 months old (i'm pretty sure that was a guess as he seemed to know nothing and gave me some bad advise on Viv set up).
Anyway on first weigh he was approx 8g (I had crap scales and have since invested in some really good ones) 2 weeks later on the 2/11/12 he weighed 10g. I weighed him again last night he is now 14g and approx 15cm long. Is this about right??? He seems healthy enough. He eats gut-loaded crickets dusted in calci-dust every night. Has no trouble at all catching them.

Suppose I just want to know is he about the right weight/size. and if not how I can help?

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Most reputable breeders will not sell babies till they are at least 20g.I'd say its deffo not 6 month's, if it is its extremely under weight.They all grow at different rates but for comparison i have a 8 month old thats 95g.But at least youve got the little one putting some weight on now.Good luck with the little one,keep us updated on its progress.

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There's no way that is 6 months or more old. More like 6 weeks!

Don't forget to use a balanced supplement. Calcidust on its own won't be absorbed into the body. Your leo will then be at risk of metabolic bone disease. Use either nutrobal or repashy balanced supplement. A UV light is a good idea as well. If you read many (older) care sheets, they will say that UV isn't needed, but it's becoming clear that it is best to supply it. Leopard geckos are very good at utilising even low levels of UV.

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It really good that the gecko is putting on weight, so you know your on the right track. If you post a picture of it, people could have a look if it looks to skinny or just really young.

You could also leave some mealworms in the viv 24 hours, so the gecko could eat whenever it wants.
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I have some nutrobol in the house for my gfs snake. U reckon I should use this aswell as or instead of calci dust. He has a uv light cycled on and off for 12hours a day I read even reflected uv light will help them in a book I have. I will post some pics later when I get chance. Thank you for the input. I guessed he was probably younger than they said.
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