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Default Getting prepared

Hi folks.Expecting my first royal soon and i am trying to get everything right before she arrives.I think as far as i am aware she has had 4 feeds and is coming along a treat...hopefully have her next week.Firstly i decided not to go anywhere near my local pet shop and opt for a reputable breeder.
So now i have my small terranium set up after reading countless articles and two books on husbandry i decided to fork out for all the bits and bobs, heat pad, two temp sensors (digital), hygrometer, thermo control etc etc.I seem to have become obsessed with getting the temps spot on lol i wake up during the night to check the temps for a snake that isn't there yet! onto my question,
I have read posts about setting up etc etc but what i cannot get is a couple of q's answered so i thought who better to ask.....1.The wires and temp sensors, how do i attach them onto the plastic, do i attach them onto the plastic, do they go onto the base or can the sensors sit on top of the bedding? The temp sensor for the heat mat i have under the bedding at the moment in direct contact with the base, i know not to use tape, any suggestions?
2.The basking side of the case is sitting within temp no problem but ambient is below what it should be due to my room temp, i suppose a radiator would need to be on constatly to get this up? right now i have basking:32.3c and ambient side 27c.I just want her to be as comfortable as possible and with these wires lying there i keep imagining she will just get tangled so i know i am doing something wrong....Anyway i hope someone can help me, jesus panicking before she even arrives, what am i gonna do when she is here lol.Thanks a million guys!
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Ok firstly calm down and get some proper sleep .
Snakes are not made of glass, a few fluctuatons here and there are not going to matter.

Which answers Question 2, an ambiant temp is the middle of the viv. Your cold side temp is fine at 27C, in fact 25C would be better but it's not that important so long as the snake can thermoregulate and there is a gradient from one side to the other.

As far as sticking things down to plastic - some probes come with a little suction cup attached to them and they work well on plastic walls.
You can stick it down with a blob of aquarium sealant which will peel off when you're finished with it.
I've seem people drill/melt 2 littel holes in the sides and put a cable tie through them to then tie the wires to
or simply just run it down the wall and along the floor and put something heavy over it to hold it to the floor, edge of a hide will do this.

You thermometer probe needs to be on top of the substrate - not underneath. You should always measure your hot spot where the snake will be sitting to get it's heat from.

The thermostat probe is fine under the substrate or you can stick it to the outside of the tub a few mm above the mat.
They can move things around so maybe stick it to the wall pointing down over the mat so it just touched the floor with some sealant will prevent it being moved.
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Default Thanks

Thats fantasic!!!
Thank you i now can return to a relitavely normal existence ;o)
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Default new problems

Hi folks....ok well i went out and bought a viv exotic 30 gal and built it up yesterday, sealed all the inside as instructed and have taken my time to get things just right.i have read and read about heat mats, ceramics, radiators and just finished my third book lol.I like the thought of being well prepared, which brings me to my problem.After reading i realised that a bp's natural habitat would be a burrow and that obviously they do not bask in the sun hence i decided on a heat pad.The base of the viv is too thick to place underneath so i have it inside with some lino over leaving airspace to avoid heat burst.the thermostat (micro climate ministat 100) is set for a temp of 33c and is fixed onto the heat mat, my digi thermometer is on top of the substrate (newspaper atm) just inside the hide and never seems to go over 29c? i bumped the ministat up to 35c (max) and still the digi thermometer does not reach adequate temp.To test thermometer i then placed it next to the thermostat sensor under the substrate and it goes up to accuracy?.Next i removed the lino and placed the thermostat sensor back on top of the substrate and faced the problem again.Humidity is sitting nicely at 50%.Im a little stumped here to be honest.I dont want to go out and buy another thermostat, poss pulse if i am doing something obviously wrong.
I know the debate between bulbs and mats but one article grabbed me by saying "you won't see a ball python in the wild basking under the sun" so i opted for the heat mat to attempt a more natural enclosure.Anyway i hope you guys with experience can help me out............Many thanks....Tom
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