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Old 20-12-2012, 01:45 AM
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hya well don,t bother with the baby food i tried that and thought it was ok then found out it was no good for her at all once id got abit of info on greens i tried my bd with dandilions thyme sage rocket and romaine rosemary she is only 4months and a fussy little madam one wk locust nxt wk crixs she hates the crix now and waxworms the thorntons of treats they are so fussy and it does have a lot to do with the temps and uv message tom cannon or vgorst or arcadia john they are good with info like this best wishes xxxx just keep rotating her diet they get bored imagine how u would feel if you had the same food every day lol
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If you get the temps and UV right, their appetites tend to improve. It's still no guarantee that they will eat much in the way of greens, though. Mine will eat them, but prefers live food.

Any of the supplement regimes will be OK, as long as you have a really good UV light and you give vitamins regularly. The balanced supplements are designed to be used very sparingly, every day. Most people don't do this, though. I'm not sure where the complicated feeding regimes a lot of people follow came from, but there's no need for them. However, no great harm will come to your beardie if he doesn't get the exact amounts of vitamins that are ideal - as loads of people have found out.

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Thanks everyone!
I've realized I picked one fussy lad! He won't eat his greens, stopped eating crickets cause he knows he can get tastier things (I'm a softie and animals always manipulate me into giving them what they want heh) and won't eat his calci worms unless I put them right next to him!
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