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Talking Looking Bearded Dragons Teesside

I'm a newbie to reptile keeping but have purchased and fully kitted out a 3 foot vivarium, I have have been told that my best choice at this stage would be a bearded dragon, as they are good for beginners.

I would appreciate any vies and advice on this and where would be best to purchase in tees-side.

Cheers Simon
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3 foot will be alright for a juvie bearded dragon but they will need a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft for when they are an adult.
Not sure about shops where you live but you can get some good priced viv's online. Swell reptiles is a good example.

They are a great choice of pet! Hope you enjoy!
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Old 15-12-2012, 04:53 PM
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There isn't really any such thing as a beginner rep, of course there are more specialised reps but if you do plenty of research before hand you will be fine with most lizards. BD's aren't as easy as they're made out to be as they require constant temperature monitoring amongst other things but they're certainly not difficult if you know what you're doing. Personally I'd choose the rep you want, research and cater for its needs as apposed to picking a rep to suit the viv you have.

A 3ft viv isn't great for a BD at any age as they require a high temp basking area and a cooler area to regulate their temps. This is hard if not impossible to achieve properly with such a small viv and either the basking temp or cool end temp will be hindered which can cause serious issues such as not being able to digest food properly or dehydration. If you're looking at BD's you're better off purchasing a 4x2x2 straight off, it will have to happen anyway and its not worth compensating the welfare of the BD in question.

So to answer your question if you're set on using the 3ft viv then I wouldn't recommend having a BD, if you're set on having a BD then buy a 4ft viv.
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Old 20-12-2012, 11:39 PM
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you could always get a snake, but even then u would need a bigger viv when it's an adult
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