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Default Soaking a marginated - he doesn't like it.

Hi I have only had my 6 month old Marginated tort for 2 weeks and still tweaking his care and learning.
The thing I am confused about is how to keep him hydrated. He doesn't seem to use his water bowl, and when I try to soak him water he just gets straight out.
I wonder if I am doing something wrong as I see that others have saidthat thier torts enjoy it. He also isn't urinating in the water (assuming i would be able to tell). The water isn't too deep just reaching the top of the underneath part of the shell. I am just using luke warm tap water, only just warm to the touch.
As he is still settling in will he get used to it? He seems to sulk afterwards.
At the moment i am soaking him a couple of times a week and this is the only time he gets handled as he is still getting used to us although we are giving him very gentle strokes on the back of his shell which he is getting used to.
Any advice would be welcomed.
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Hi there,

I don't know a huge amount about tortoises but there is info on this care sheet about hydrating adults and hatchlings so hopefully it will prove to be useful to you

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