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Old 11-01-2013, 01:19 PM
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The frozen bottles of tank water sound like a good idea, i never thought of that. My PH is 6.8 and the ammonia looks to be about. 0.1 I am obviously wanting to get this down to zero I seem to have a floater and a swimmer, this worried me at first but she's not at the surface gulping air, just floating about, she can and does spend a lot of time on the bottom too. My male (i have decided and think you will agree, he is a male) has taken to copying the floating thing from my ?female? She is now bigger than him by maybe an inch although she was smaller when we got her, they are both eating the same as i feed them live earthworm with the kind of grippy scissor things. They do both gulp air occa,sionally from the surface but then can stay at the bottom for hours so i think they just like to do it! If anyone has any advice or thinks i should be doing things differently in any way please feel free to comment, any help is appreciated. I am currently looking for a new tank maybe 4 feet, they are fine at the moment but Im sure looking early is best! I saw a lovely. 5 foot tank the other day, complete with light, filter, gravel, heater (yep i know i would have to re sell or bin most of it) for £180. But think i will get January xmas debts out of the way first, i would say my male is maybe 5 in and my female 5 and a half to 6. So i think they will be just fine for a few months (probably 3 max) well i am on my phone again so please excuse my lack of paragraphs
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Or any sort of grammar. Predictor text is playing havock. Will try and post some more photos later. Thanks
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Any ammonia present is always a worry but if the tank is cycling it's quite normal. I've heard with young axolotls it's common for them to hang around at the surface floating about every now and then, they tend to be more active than older ones. Mine spend most of their time on the bottom but will occasionally float around / swim about on top (mostly when they see me as they're expecting food!). They will go up for air occasionally but if it's too regular it could be an indication of bad water parameters.

I have a three foot for my two which is a great size (and also the recommended for two). I will see how they go and if I feel they need an upgrade in the future I'll definitely get them one. Any bigger is always better though! I just got my tank for an absolute bargain at the price of £30! (with stand and light).
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iv two males and a female love them ! amazing personalities
males also normally have a lump between there back legs when at sexual maturity!
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Well i definitely have a boy then! I asked in the pet shop where i got my boy from there aproximate age, they said they normally get them about 15-20 weeks and i got my boy the day they came in. My boy (I measured him) is 5in but definitely has his 'lumpy bits' lol. My female if Thats what she is is half an inch bigger, much fatter and has a miles bigger head. £30 for your 3ft tank is definitely a bargain, Im hoping to find a good bargain too!
Anyone who fancies guessing the age of my babies any ideas welcome! Its just curiosity really. The ammonia seems to of gone from the tank and the water is lovely and clear. There both eating worms still and get equal amounts. Going to try and get some new pics now and attempt to post them i really should get on the pc but 3 kids say otherwise! Thanks for all your help!
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