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Default Strange behaviors in my turtles? Also, hello everybody! New guy here.

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site, I just started today. I was recommended to go here by someone on Yahoo! Answers. I've been noticing some strange behaviors in my turtles. I own 1 Map Turtle (Don't know what kind of Map) and 1 RES. It has been over 2 weeks now since my Map Turtle has eaten anything. I know it's still winter and all, but I have a heater in the tank. Shouldn't the turtle be eating normally if the water is heated? I'm worried and afraid that he will die. He has been really lazy lately and he keeps going on land to sleep. He usually likes to swim in the water and goes crazy every time he sees me feeding him. Now he just doesn't even care, he doesn't even bother moving an inch to get the food. Could it be that he's too fat? I don't know if I've been overfeeding him or not, but can anyone recommend me how much I should feed him? He's been making some weird breathing sound. Kind of like a hiss, but more deeper.

My RES was eating just fine, but now he's eating very little. He would only eat like 2 small pellets and then leave. I do have UVB lights, a water heater, and a basking spot for him. What should the temperature of the water be? How can you tell the temperature if it doesn't say on the heater? The water is just slightly above him since he's still a weak swimmer. He loves to eat baby shrimps, but the stores stop selling them.
I bought him some shrimps, but he doesn't like them. What's the difference between shrimps and baby shrimps? I thought they taste the same?

Here's what I feed them:

- The little floating sticks
- The mini floating sticks
- Krills
- Shrimps

Can anyone recommend me something that turtles love to eat? Would freeze-dried crickets be a good idea?

- Patrick

PS: Can someone post me a link to the rules for the forums? I don't want to violate any of them. :/
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First off, welcome to the Forum.

Can you post some pictures of your setup?

Presumably they are in the same tank? You say the RES is a weak swimmer - why? The recomended requirement is 40 litres of water per inch of shell for the first turtle and 20 litres per inch for the second so they need way more water so that they can both actually swim.

Without photos we cannot say if they are overweight although you are feeding a protein rich diet - how often and how much do you feed? What are the floating sticks you are feeding?

What age/size are the turtles and do you know their sex? If one is male and the other female then that could be a problem, together with two males may not get on.

Again, heated water is not necessary for adult turtles, but we need to know their age. You cannot just guess the water temperature!

What is the temperature of the basking area? Is there a lid on the tank? I am wondering from what you have described if this is the start of a respiratory infection especially in view of the "noise". In which case, and if they are together, they will both need antibiotics and veterinary treatment. It is contagious and needs treating.

You may want to repost in the main Shelled section, where more people will hopefully look and respond.

Are you in the UK?

Sorry for all the questions, but we need as much information as possible from you before we can really begin to help.
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