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Default Home Made Gecko Setup, Any good??

I am wanting to keep Rhacodactylus auriculatus or Gargoyle Geckos as I am sure most of you knew.

It will be my first Lizard so I wanted to get some advice on my setup to see if I am doing it right before buying a gecko.

I realise the tank isn't what you would call arboreal at only 14" tall but I have read in a few places that actually plastic boxes make quite happy homes for Gargoyles and as long as there is moderate height they won't mind. (Could be wrong)


I have set up a 24"x15"x14" vivarium using a plastic storage box, some fine stainless steel mesh in the lid for ventilation and an Exo Terra light canopy as heat/lighting.

The Exo Terra canopy only has a 15W bulb (don't know if I need a 26W).

I have decorated the tank to try and provide plenty of climbing opportunities with natural looking branches (one of which I attached using Geocel aquarium safe sealent) some cork bark and some plastic plants.

The substrate is jungle bedding, sphagnum moss, bark and some almond leaves. There is a water bowl in the foreground (not sure if I need it) and a moss filled hide placed behind one of the lengths of cork bark.

I also have a three way thermometer and hygrometer to keep tabs on what’s going on in the tank.

Hopefully I have managed to add some pictures but bare with me if not.

Any advice and constructive criticism on my setup is very welcome, I want to make sure I get it right.

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That looks very good from what I can see; how much heat does the canopy produce, i.e. what are the basking temperatures under the light, compared to the ambient background temps?

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Thanks Paul

Well it is difficult to say exactly at the minute as this is the first day the light has been on with the completed setup. I intend to do a few days trial while I am at home over the weekend to see what the temperatures are like.

However at the minute it is looking like I could do with a 26W. The temp readings are:

Cool end - 69.7 F

Warm end - 74.2 F

On the branch under the light - 79 F

Humidity - 68%
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