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Default Cornsnake won't feed

Hi I have a year ish old cornsnake she is about 3ft long but rather thin I think and is very fussy with her feeds and quite often goes weeks with out feeding I have tried numerous size mice . Temp of heatmat is set to 29 her viv is 36x16x16. Good temperament looks fine acts fine , any ideas
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Pretty sure temp is too low. Needs to be around 32-34.
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Originally Posted by sharna86 View Post
Pretty sure temp is too low. Needs to be around 32-34.
My own corns prefer their hot end about 32 degrees and will only take their mice warm.
I usually give the defrosted mice 10 minutes in hot water.
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you could also try putting her in a feeding tub , heating the mouse up not using the microwave hair, and leaving it over night
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Try all of the above (my corn is at 30, but he likes it a bit cooler. I often find him in his cool end.)
If none of that works, you have a couple of options:

Braining - Slit the skin on the mouse's head, snakes are attracted to the smell of brain matter.

Lowering food size - Take her normal meal, and buy a few of the size below. Feed her the size below what she's usually eating, especially if she looks skinny. It can be a way to start her eating again. You can move her up again when you feel she's ready.

Scenting - Do you keep any lizards? You could try rubbing the mice on the lizard (expect your lizard to not be amused)

Try chicks. If she eats chicks, then they're a viable food. I would be happy to get a non mouse eater onto chicks. Going from chicks > jacketed mice> scented mice > mice would be viable.

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How often are you trying to feed her? If you keep trying day after day you will stress her out, it's best to leave her 3-4 days between attempts. It sounds so simple but with fussy feeders I find the best method is to place them into a small container, which you then cover to ensure it's nice and dark and just leave them somewhere quiet with the mouse (you can try braining too). This allows the snake to feel secure.
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