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Cut a large drinks bottle about 1/3rd of the way down, wash and dry thoroughly. Put powder in bottle, put the lid section inside the main body (upside down) so you create a funnel with the lid bit (bottle top removed), tip crix into bottle from crix keeper, shake to dust. Remove top section and pour into viv - when I first started feeding my geckos live food I couldn't stand the thought of touching the crix and this was the easiest method by far
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I buy crickets in bulk so keep them in an open container. I either drill holes into the Nutrobal lid (a la pepper pots) and sprinkle it over them, or just get a pinch and sprinkle it. Then just grab a handful of crickets and throw them to the lizard/frog/spider etc. Simples.
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I don't tend to feed crickets, but as with all live food, I'd most likely 'dip' them into the calcium pot, held by tongs in the case of crix!
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Yeah we do the same as above, it's less hassle
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throw a few in a plastic sandwhich bag, sprinkle in the dust and give it a shake, simple

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