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Default help needed with axolol

Hi I have to take care of an axolotl which was my teenagers . I am currently feeding blood worms but not sure about care eg. Water changing, other food, its health . He looks ok but his gills arent as red/ pink as I have seen in pics any advice would be great
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Caudata Culture Species Entry - Ambystoma mexicanum - Axolotl

Axolotls: The Fascinating Mexican Axolotl and the Tiger Salamander

These sites will help. There is also a few books available on axolotl care. They can be fed on a few things, mainly defrosted bloodworm and earthworm. You should not need extra heat they do best at temperatures between 60F and 70F. The sites above will answer your questions in more detail. You will need to cycle the tank as well if it isn't already and ensure the water is suitable. Here are links for cycling:
Caudata Culture Articles - Cycling
Caudata Culture Articles - Water Quality

Use the search option to find more info and come and look in the amphibian section - there have been similar questions there

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Axolotls are messy feeders, I do partial water changes weekly. I feed mine every 2-3 days on large earth worms and keep their temperature below 17 degrees, and make sure they're away from direct sunlight and have plenty of caves as they're shy creatures

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Mine are fed mainly on earthworms, they're a good primary diet, but I also give them bloodworm, insects, daphnia and some amphib ice-cubed snacks as a treat. I probably do a 10-20% water change weekly, I use a siphon to collect the muck from the sand and then replenish the water with fresh (obviously add tap safe). I have a leucistic axolotl and her red gills quite often change colour, I've heard when they dull it just means they're relaxed. Definitely do water tests monthly, testing for any ammonia is particularly important, you can buy testing kits and some pet shops even offer a free service. They're not particularly active so things to look out for mostly are fungal, ulcers, etc. You'll need to keep the water ideally between 17c - 20c, anything higher than 24c can be harmful to them. In the summer a good trick is to freeze some tank water in large bottles and rest them in the tank to cool the water down. All of them have indivial personalities, one of mine is very confident and will often approach us when we're in front of the tank, the other is a little more reserved, but a some food wins her around!
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