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Default arcadia uv lighting help!

Hi, I am trying to sort out a setup for a tortoise I will be getting in a couple of weeks. I am a bit confused by the arcadia products. I already have them for my beardie but I want a longer tube as my tortoise will have a larger enclosure. I was looking at the t5 dry viv controller (36") which says it is 38 watt but the 36" bulb is 39watt..why would this be and would it affect it's performance or would it flicker? I have seen arcadia have bought out some new controllers which are quite a bit more expensive and the wattage seems to correspond with these. Is this just a ploy to get you to buy the more expensive ones? The tortoise breeder recommends the mega ray bulb rather than seperates but I am concerned that the area of uv given off wouldn't be sufficient in a 120cm enclosure..any advice gratefully recieved!
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I can help.

Firstly the breeder is totally out of date. A single lamp can NEVER provide the light and energy from light that is required over a usable area. It's a madness to suggest such.

You have got a little confused with the controllers. You are looking at High output T5 lamps which you need and standard output T8 controllers. The 2 can never work.

T5 requires a high output, high frequency electronic signal to activate the high output phosphors.

So in an enclosure of that size you need the 39w system as you rightly point out.

So ACRE1U5 is the 24-39w single controller
FD3P39T5 is the lamp
ALRS39 is the all important reflector.

You can then use a D3 backing lamp as a boosting zone just for a few hours a day.

You will need a stat controlled heat source, but you would need one whatever you used.

T5 produces 2-3 times more light and as such energy from light than any T8 including our own. They waste less current and are therefore cheaper to run also. They are flicker free and will last a whole year guaranteed.

There is much much more on this in the "practical reptile keeping magazine" section from the front page here Arcadia Reptile : Arcadia Products Plc

Let me know if you get stuck

John Courteney-Smith MRSB.

Arcadia Reptile; Head of Science and Innovation

BRAND NEW BOOK out now. The Elements series; Part 1- FIRE, The Sun, its Use and Replication in Reptile Keeping

Find us on facebook under "Arcadia reptile"
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Thankyou! I think it's a case of can't see the wood for the trees, there are so many different products it's frying my brain keep comparing them all! I didn't think the mega ray would be enough over a large area, will go back to shopping now thanks!!
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