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Default Yemen info. overload on vivs - help!


Newbie here! First post and all that......

I own 2 Horsfields and have done for years along with a Leopard Gecko that's now 2.

Now that I feel proficient in husbandry of these 'easy' animals, I have decided to get myself a Yemen Chameleon. Again - I've gone for 'easy' seeing as how I am a novice!

Anyway - the girl in question is 3 months old and very tame and eating / pooing well, so I have to take good care of her - Obviously!!

I have bought a wooden viv, which has 4 x 3 inch diameter vents in the back at the top. My question....... is this enough ventilation? I rather think I should be adding 1 on each side, 1 low and 1 high, but so much conflicting info. on the net, my head got a bit boggled.....

I chose a wooden viv, as my house is rather cool which is the way I like it, plus I'm out at work during the day, so misting can only be done mornings / evenings. I wanted to keep humidity in, but of course, I don't want the air becoming stagnant. I have a drip system which drips into a coconut bowl so never drips to the ground and keeps humidity high - it's my own invention - to drip into the bowl that is! The coconut never really fills with water, just stays wet.

Anyhow - I haven't bought the new girl home yet - that's this weekend. I wanted to set up the viv and check all bulbs, thermostats, temps etc were in full working order first. The viv is 3ft x 2ft x 2ft.

Any help and advice gratefully appreciated. I did have a search on here so I think I may need more vents, but wanted to ask specifically regarding my exact set up.

Thank you

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Old 19-02-2013, 09:28 AM
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i have my girl in a viv that's nearly the same size what i did is cut out a large portion of the top and cover it with fine wire mesh
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Yes I would recommend more ventilation, like stated removing the top panel and replacing with mesh would work well. Also one little worrie is that the Viv your using is a little large for your chameleon while young so be sure to keep a close eye on him/her to make sure it's finding its food
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I have kept Yemen Chameleons for a number of years now and hate any kind of glass vivarium. I keep mine in Reptibreeze XL's(ReptiBreeze) because of the ventilation aspect. They are fantastic and are absolutely ideal having loads of ventilation.
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Thank you for the replies.

She is a fair size girl and is already in a viv of the same size, so I am sure she will be fine. He sister - kept by the owner is also a big girl too, so must be genetic!

I can't put any vents in the top, as the bulbs are screwed in with a cage attached to it.

I have decided to put a large vent in each side - one at the bottom and the other side at the top for maximum air flow.

That'll keep her happy and warm and moist..... I hope!
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