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Default new proud owner of water dragon/reptile advice please

hey im the new proud owner of a 2 year old chinese water dragon called ivy she is my first ever pet and i reali want all to go well! i havent collected her yet as i want to get everything perfect for her before she arives! i have tried to research well but a lot of websites are conflicting in what there advice is! im in the process of setting up my first ever viv and im reali stressing out and losing sleep because i think i might do something wrong!

i hav a 4ftx20x18in viv hav chosen a mix of orchid bark and sterile soil as my base and got a large water bowl also a small selection of logs and vines! im trying to find somewhere to get her more cheap logs or vines to climb on any ideas or donations are welcome

any help or advice or corrections on me doing things wrong would be amazing

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I'm no expert on water dragons and others will be along soon enough to talk the technicalities of temperature, humidity etc, but unless I'm misunderstanding you, one thing strikes me. It sounds like you have a viv for terrestrial species.

Water dragons are arboreal - in the wild they would be up in trees much of the time. To replicate this in captivity mean a viv several feet tall as well as wide with branches to climb. Have a look in the Habitat forum of this site - you'll find quite a number of water dragon set-ups to give you an idea of the sort of thing you need to aim for. I think I'm right in saying that the usual terrestrial type viv is really only suitable for a baby/small juvenile, so won't be very appropriate for your new critter except maybe very short-term, while you arrange a proper environment for her.

I'm sorry if this is 'back to the drawing-board' type news for you, but I expect there'll soon be an experienced keeper along soon to give you the real scoop.

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Agree with Spot, the viv isn't suitable for an older, fully grown individual . It should be much taller, longer and deeper as they feel more secure at a height and need space to move and turn around.

If you talk through what you were thinking of heat, UVB, diet and supplement wise then people can help make sure that its spot on. Substrate sounds ok, I would personally go for a heavier soil mix with a little bit of bark. This will hold humidity better.

How large is the water bowl? You prefarably want something they can bathe in easily, something like a large cat litter tray is good.
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the water bowl is i think 28cm x18cm will look for something bigger also cant afford a bigger viv atm have already goin well over budget! but will deffo save up now i know the error of my ways! what is the best diet and quantity the guy in the shop said feed 5 items (locus, meal worms etc) 4 days a week and a pinky or fish or sumit on 1 of the other days and dont feed it 2 days cos it gets to fat is this correct ?? p.s thanks for helps
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Can't answer about feeding, but with regards the habitat, the water bowl needs to be big enough for her to have a good wallow in the water - judge by her size.

As vgorst says, large cat litter trays are popular - not very attractive, but sturdy and cheap.

As regards the viv, making your own will be the way to go, or converting an old wardrobe or similar.

There are quite a few step-by-step builds in the habitat section of this site - remember to look in the habitat pictures subsection too. A good trawl through those pages should give you some sound ideas for a great build when you can manage it.
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