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Default when to bask?

How long after eating should they bask?
Ive brought home my new dragon today and even though the man in the shop said not to worry if he doesnt eat for a day or two, he has so far eaten 3 locusts, 1 cricket, a worm thing and some salad. That was over half an hour ago, i know they need to bask to aid digetion, so how long after eating should they be basking?
Should i put him under the light in case he doesnt realise its there?
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I wouldn't worry - if he needs to bask he'll be attracted to the spot where the light is brightest.

The main thing really is not to over-fuss him - let him settle, find his way about and get comfortable with his new environment.

That also means not spending too much time lurking up against the glass! It might be putting him off basking if he feels too exposed with this new big human thing so close!

Reptiles are often sensitive to new surroundings, be patient, relax and you'll end up with a nicely tame little guy - just don't try to rush or force it.

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Thank you, he has now used his basking spot a couple of times. Its so hard leaving him alone but we are doing our best. Him, on the other hand, doesnt seem to be able to stop looking at us! He keeps sticking his nose up against the glass haha
He is just the sweetest thing
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Ooo, just thought, another dumb question. What time do you give them their last feed?
His lights will go out at 8pm.
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