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I didn't know crickets were such evil little gits! I've had to leave a few in with my beardie as I work full time. Is he going to be ok?? Can beardies live on locusts alone as he loves them and they don't bite
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Crazycatlady, i dont think you need to worry, from what i understand, its leaving them in overnight when there could be a problem.
Also, yes, from what i understand from others on here, you dont have to feed them crickets (phew) they will do just fine on locusts and other things you can feed them like dubias, mealies, worms etc along with their fruit & veg. Variety is the key.
Im a newbie myself so if anyone wants to add anything or correct me, please feel free i will not be offended, i am still very much learning myself.
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I never used to feed my beardies crickets, could never catch the little shits lol. I always hand ged them rather than using tomgs amd i found locusts easier to grab, just pinch ome of thier legs (i always used to go for the back legs that they jse to jump) and they stop moving and if you do accidentally pull the leg off, well it makes it more amusong to watch cause the locusts can then only hop in circles

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