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Default Need advice

Hi, I got my beardie two days ago, he seams to be eating well, he even took a 4th hopper from my fingers, but he's spending a lot of time under the basking light the temp is around 31 degrees Celsius, not sure if this is normal or not, he is my first lizard.
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Old 02-03-2013, 12:48 AM
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If your dragon is basking excessively it means that either your not providing enough heat OR your not providing enough uvb. They should bask for around 10-20 mins at a time then spend the rest of their time burning of the energy the heat provides. They are usually very active and inquisitive little fellas mine spends a good 85-90% of his day running about exploring and trying to find food or way out lol and remember they do come from the australian deserts. What strength is your uvb bulb also how close is your dragon able to get to each bulb?
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Old 02-03-2013, 01:22 AM
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How old is your beardie? For a juvenile you want a basking spot of 42c and for an adult you want around 35c
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Hi and welcome to RFUK!

As said above - it would indicate that the basking temp is too low. Most Bearded dragon caresheets recommend a basking spot temp of around 110-115F for young beardies. Caresheets are only a guideline tho and your best indicator is the behaviour of your reptile. Increase the basking spot temp. If the ambient temperatures in your viv are ok (75ish cool end, 85ish warm end and 110ish basking spot with a drop at night to around 70ish - sorry all fahrenheit) then raise the basking spot nearer to your bulb. What percentage UVb do you have?

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Thanks Jools and exhal for you're reply, he seems to be moving around more now, at night he goes under the shelf by the basking light s and curls up and fall fast asleep, when I go to feed him his live food he's like a dog he scampers from werever he is and sits there and waits for me too loose a couple out and then hunts them. I could watch him all day. Will try and gets some pics soon.
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bearded dragon

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