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Default Normal bulb, branded basking or MVB?

Not a newbie owner, but it does seem a newbie question lol.

I got at the moment a powersun uv100. Seems to pump too much heat into one area.
I also have a Arcadia d3 basking bulb but they're huge and not enough space between it and the dragons. (2' high enclosure)

I wanted the experiment with diffrent things and was looking at basking lights and especially a 50w Arcadia halogen... Then I realised... These are just normal halogens from retail shops?? Lol

Just wanted to know what some of you guys would do? I am thinking just a normal spot lamp to go with my 12% Arcadia, my MVBs can't be doing much more than what the Arcadias are...

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Yep - no need to get 'Reptile' branded bulbs. B&Q will do. ("Other hardware stores are available"! )

As MVBs can't be statted, if they're too hot for your viv then they're no good without a cooling stat and fan/s set-up and your Arcadia tube will be giving out a better spread of UVB anyway - especially if you've got the T5.
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I was thinking that.. I do have the t5's.

And they're not getting "directly" under the mvb. They are ALL basking 4" across from it.

My temps are 100f(floor)-105f(raised bask) hot and 80f

Maybe too much UVB in the zone?

I have recently put my guys in this.. They are not eating as I would like but put it down to settling and bulbs burning in.
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Old 04-03-2013, 11:01 AM
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just to confirm!

Our Halogen range CANNOT be bought from a DIY shop under another title. These are hand selected for thier output and colour. some brands may do this, we do not.

The idea choice of light and heat provision is to use a good stat controlled heat source with a reflected T5 system alongside it as part of a well thought out photogradient. you can then use a M.V lamp like the D3 basking lamp as supplimentary lighting to provide heat and UVB in a concentrated zone quickly at the warmup parts of the day. i.e first thing in the A.M.

you can find out loads more about re-creating wild exposure and the light and shade method here

if you get stuck please let me know

John Courteney-Smith MRSB.

Arcadia Reptile; Head of Science and Innovation

BRAND NEW BOOK out now. The Elements series; Part 1- FIRE, The Sun, its Use and Replication in Reptile Keeping

Find us on facebook under "Arcadia reptile"
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basking lamp

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