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Old 11-03-2013, 11:24 AM
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As long as you have researched it doesn't really matter what you get as a first snake (within reason).

Commonly corns are advised as first snakes and if you go to a rep shop theyre likely to sell a corn as a starter.

I got one, then three weeks later I bought a 6ft boa! Then a 7.5ft boa, then another corn, then a hognose, then a burm!

It won't take long before you have many and all the ones you considered starting with. Its a very strong addiction.
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Iv only recently got a ball python, maybe a month ago, and he feeds sheds poos perfect and Iv never owned a snake before.

I prefer the look of the balls and find mine has already got his own little personality,

Best thing Iv ever bought tbh.

Good luck with the new one
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