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Default good gecko for beginner

Can anyone suggest a gecko for a beginner, preferably a small, docile species. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by tawariel View Post
Can anyone suggest a gecko for a beginner, preferably a small, docile species. Any ideas?
I believe Leopard geckos are generally the advice as a starting gecko. Although having never had one myself I will let the experts expand! to the reptile game!
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Don't pick the one you think is the easiest, pick the one you want. Do your research, get the set-up right and learn how to look after it and you'll be happy.

Going for a leo is always going to be the standard choice (Just like Corns/Royals with snakes) but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to learn how to look after the perfect species for you (Your own choice, via looks/size/average temperament) then you'll enjoy your pet much, much more.

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Thanks, guys, good advice.
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i agree go for a leo they come in a range of colours so im sure you can find one you like, they stay small are friendly and easy to keep
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My leopard gecko, Tonks, is a firm favourite with everyone in our house. She'svery friendly and always wants to come out. I think they are stunning looking critters as well. This is Tonks:


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ive got a palm gecko. it is fast but i love tropical species and the colouration is gorgeous.

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My first reptile was a Leopard gecko. I was stuck between a Leo or a Crested gecko, in the end I went with a Leo but I'm working on getting that crestie.
Leopard geckos are great pets with their endless morphs you can get a really beauty but I've always been a sucker for their natural look. They're easy to look after but you should only get one after doing the proper research, look at many different sites as there are some people with dangerous advice on many web pages. This of course goes for any pet.
I love my Gecko, he has such a character and is a real pleasure to have.
Good luck with your first lizard!
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Old 10-03-2013, 12:51 AM
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I don't think it's fair to write off Leo's as 'just' some kind of default, beginner lizard such as corns and royals apparently are in the snake world. I have 4 Leos and I honestly love them, i've kept Leos for 2 years now and I find them very sociable (for a reptile), easy enough to look after, interesting and undeniably super-cute. I have a gecko picture thread in my signature if you want to take a peek, I have a couple of different morphs too
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