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Default uva question

What kinda uva lighting & basking light should I use for a 4x2x2 viv for a beardie can someone send me a link to a place please were I can buy it
P.s I already have the power suply for a uva strip but don't know if you need another one if it's a different size tube
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UVA will quickly give you a dead lizard. You want a 10% UVB lamp. Go to Pets at Home, they'll sort it.
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for a basking bulb a 100w spot bulb works fine make sure you use it on a dimmer tho
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no need to buy a dimmer from reptile shops they are alot of money the dimmer i have linked does exactly the same and its alot cheaper i use this dimmer on all my vivs

best uv 12% arcadia 36" or the 10% reptisun 36" are the best to use both need to be around 6" from the beardie dont get the reptiglow they are crap also remember the controller wattage has to match the wattage of the uv bulb

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Yes most filament lamps emit a tiny amount of UVA. But I think your getting confused as it's UVB that reptiles rely upon for the D3 cycle.

In most setups a 10% T8 lamp can not re-create a wild level or index of exposure.

As indicated already Arcadia D3+ 12% T5s do allow you to do so in a vet energy efficient way.

There is loads of free stuff to read at Arcadia Reptile : Arcadia Products Plc have a look at the D3 cycle section, lighting guide and practical reptile keeping magazine sections.

If you get stuck let me know

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