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Default Keeping bearded dragon Hydrated

Hi guys

since deciding to get my bearded dragon i recon ive read 1/2 the internet.

Ive got myself confused, as i understand it they very rarely drink out of the water bowl.

ive read about bathing them to keep them hydrated, how often does this need to be done? or have i read the wrong info/got confused.


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A water bowl should always be available for the beardie in my opinion, one of mine I got not long ago was always WITHOUT a water bowl and sine I've had it, I've bathed it every other day and it has been drinking the water in the bath so it shows its been without for quite a while, it's there so whether they should need it they can access it
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Beardies get their hydration through their food, have a water bowl in there as they like to soak now and again. You want a water bowl big enough for them to get inside but bear in mind that they WILL crap in it....usually straight after you've replaced it with nice clean water just to annoy you

Beardie baths are ok too, but I not bathe mine to help him with shedding and or to clean him. Once a month or every few months is a good time scale for baths

They get s lot of hydration from their greens too, just avoid foods which a high water content like iceberg lettuce and cucumber as it'll give them super runny poop which absolutely reaks in a 30 degree vivarium
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Thanks for the replies

ive seen him wading in the water, but ive not seen him drinking out of the bowl.

He has greens in another bowl however this seems to be the bowl he craps in.

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