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Default feeding crested gecko

I have decided on a Crested Gecko for my new lizard but I've read so many different things about what to feed it. I read somewhere that you should feed them 'Crested Gecko Diet' and occasionally provide them with crickets, hoppers and waxworms. Other websites say feed insects 2 or 3 times a week. What do you guys here think?
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I always have CGD available for them, and feed insects 2-3 times a week for mental stimulation (locusts being loved by mine)
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I use cgd every other night and its always available. Also feed live crickets and turk roaches dusted with repashy calcium plus every 3 nights.
Mines a fussy sod and these are the only insects he will eat. I breed my own roaches soo always have them available
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Upto around 20g I feed mine every other night with crickets or dubia roaches dusted with calcium+.Then CGD occasionally as a treat,as they dont seem to take much CGD at this age/weight.

20g+ I feed them dubia roaches/crickets every 3 nights dusted with calcuim+and CGD as a treat once a week.

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Default feeding crested gecko

Thanks for your help, guys, that's great. I feel less confused now.
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