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Default Brand new beardie owner, all advice very welcome

Hi everybody,
I have only just ventured into the world of keeping reptiles and have been the proud owner of 2 beautiful baby bearded dragons for a little over 24 hours now and need as much advice as you can give.
Before buying my dragons I started breeding mealworms and then discovered that not only are the mealworms I have bought much too big for my babies, it's also considered not a good idea to feed them to young dragons because of the risk of impaction, if this really is true then it makes me wonder why all the pet shops I visited before buying my dragons all had a bowl of mealworms in the baby dragons vivs!?
Are they ok to feed to babies or not?
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personally i dont feed mealworms to babe dragons because of there hard shells bit tricky for babys to swallow go for wax worms but only as a treat now and again for day to day feeding stick to crickets and locusts. for the shops having bowls of mealworms in with babys some shops dont really no what there doin in my eyes i have been to loads like that i just stop going now. is there anything else you need to know. hope that helps
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Congratulations on your new babies =)! You will fall in love with them, very quickly lol.

Here are a few things I learned along the way, when I got my beardie, but I'm gonna adapt it a little because you've got two.

  • It's not a necessity, but leave a tiny bowl of fresh water in the viv (cool end) every day. Don't worry if you don't see them drinking from it, they do get moisture from their veg.
  • Don't have 'hides' for beardies ... They will develop a bad habit of hiding all day, which doesn't allow them to absorb UV and heat, making them ill. Plus, they can become terrortorial over it in time.
  • Handle them a couple of times a day, every day ... Be careful though, they are extremely quick when they are tiny. Some also like jumping, so handle them on the sofa or on the floor. Falling from 'big heights' can cause breaks and internal damage.
  • When giving them a bath, make sure it is warm and only up to their shoulders. If the water tempertaure is uncomfortable for you, it will definitely be uncomfortable for your beardies. Try not to get water in their ears. Bathing them together or seperately is down to you ... doesn't matter either way. They do absorb some moisture through their skin.
  • Clean up their 'number 2's' as and when you see it! Don't leave it in their as the heat can cause bacteria.
  • Try and feed them with one beardie at each end ... It helps to make sure both beardies get feed equal amounts and somewhat reduces the opportunity for 'domination' at dinner time. General rule of thumb, don't give them live food that's bigger than the space between their eyes. The same goes for veg ... Offer as much of a variety as often as you can. This way, they won't become picky.
I hope this helps. If you need anymore info, just message me =)
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As long as your temps are correct ie high enough to aid in proper digestion then mealworms are absolutely fine and if properly gutloaded make a good staple. You do however want to be providing some variety so don't offer solely mealworms. Locusts, dubia roaches, butter worms, silk worms, pachnoda grubs are all great feeders. Variety is the spice of life!
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