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Default Hydrating sick leo

I have posted before about my leopard gecko, princess. He is sick, i have gotten him to a vet, however the veterinarians in my area are more proficient with horses and cows rather than lizards. I have some med's for him but he still hasn't has a bowel movement. He is looking VERY dehydrated and I am wondering if anyone can give me advice on what would be the best way to get him hydrated. Is it going to be okay if I do some diluted pedialyte and if so what flavor? Or should I do something more like smartwater so there are some nutrients but no sugar? I have been doing daily warm water soaks to try to help get his digestive system working but I have also noticed him hauling himself into his water dish during the day. HELP!
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You can try original blue powerade (dilute it - 10% powerade: 90% water solution).

Is he eating yet? If he's not eating, he's unlikely to have any bowel movements. It may be that you have to syringe feed critical care formula.

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Okay, I got some pedialyte last night and tried giving some of that mixed with some purified water. He doesn't seem to like the taste or something. He has been taking his medication i was given. He hasn't eaten in well over a week and even longer for a bowel movment. I have been using a 0.5ML syringe with a jelco tip to give him drops. He really seems to enjoy taking his medication! He lifts his head and opens his mouth for it, not so much for water or pedialyte. On Monday we are going to try a different veterinarian.
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