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Old 04-04-2013, 11:43 PM
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Unhappy Eric our new beardie is sleeping in day & not eating much

Hi all

My boyfriend and I have just bought a bearded dragon named Eric - he is a 12 week old juvenile beardie and seems to have become more and more subdued since we introduced him to his new home. Initially he was quite active.

We have had him for just over two days now and he has not yet done a poop! First day he ate about 10 crickets, today he only ate 2-3 crickets. He hasn't touch his veg or drunken any water. He also didn't move much all morning and went to his bed early this afternoon and hasn't woken since (now nearly midnight), despite sleeping solidly from 7.30pm-8.30am for the last two nights. Is this okay? Is sleeping a lot normal? We're guessing he is still adjusting to his new home, but we're worried about his behaviour, he doesn't move much at all. We've handled him a couple of times (not today) but are concerned we have over stressed him? He also often closes one eye at me when i look in the viv at him. What does this mean?

We have a 4ft wooden vivarium with carpet flooring (initially calci sand the pet store gave us but we removed this yesterday as were worried about impaction). We think his viv temperatures are about right for him with his basking rock temperature at about 113 degrees fahrenheit and his cool end is about 84 degrees in the day, dropping to slightly lower than 90 degrees in the warm end and 64 degrees in the cool end at night.

Do you think he's okay? We're worried!!

Thanks very much

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Old 05-04-2013, 12:59 AM
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and congrats on ya new beardie

have you got a uv strip light in the viv 6in on the back wall
also u said u had a basking rock please tell me thats not a plug in heat rock if it is you need to take it out as the beardie can burn its belly
you need a heat bulb attach above in the viv at one end then i use a piece of wooden bark that my leo climbs on and basks

could also be the beardie is settling in to its new home
id leave the beardie for at least a week so it can get used to its home

also some ppl say dont have water in the viv as it raises humidity,plus alot of beardies get there water from there food

u can bath your beardie about 3 times a week as it helps in the shedding stages too
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thanks very much for your response. We read some horror stories about the rock, so although we were given one, never put it in. We have a heat lamp with an actual rock below it, the basking temperature is about 115F today, with the warm end of the tank at about 100F, the cool end is about 84F. We have a UV strip light attached the the roof of the viv at the back.

He seems to be much better today, suggesting he was just having a freak out day yesterday. We did handle him quite a lot the day before, but this morning he has been running about the tank gobbling up crickets. He's not eaten any veg at all yet though. And no poops...
We were tempted to mist him, but we're not sure if it'll do more harm than good as we think we will need to pick him out the tank to do it. Humidity is only 34%.

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Old 05-04-2013, 08:47 AM
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He probably wasn't having a freak out at all. I bred beardies a few years back and they were all very different.

Some will happily just sit around all day and do nothing whereas some will prefer to be running around and being silly.

Some days they don't eat much, some days they do. They're like us that way.

If you think about it there isn't really much to do other than bask and sleep for a beardie. If you had snakes you'd be panicking! They sit around in the same place sometimes for days/weeks on end and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I have to poke mine to make sure they're still alive. (which they don't appreciate)

Is the strip light UV or just a normal light? Cos he does need UVB.

He is probably still adjusting to his new home too, as he gets used to the place and you he will soon come out of his shell.

If there is nothing physically wrong with him then don't worry. Hardy little buggers they are and also rather lazy at times!!

Oh and they don't need high humidity unless they are shedding. If they are, then misting helps to soften the skin and help it come off. Otherwise don't worry too much about that!
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Old 06-04-2013, 09:32 AM
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hiya, thanks very much for your help, much appreciated :-~) as new owners we're anxious to get everything right!

Eric has a 10.0 UVB Exo Terra strip light (33% UVA, 10% UVB).

He went to bed early again yesterday - about 4.30pm but up as normal at 8am, still not eating much and has a habit of closing one eye when we are near the viv. I guess he is nervous of us...

We won't handle him for a few more days so he can settle in properly. He is still not eating more than about 10 small crickets a day (we usually offer a couple more but have to remove them when he goes to bed) and he has really no interest in the veg but as he has not pooped yet we don't really want to see him eat too much.

Here he is:
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Old 06-04-2013, 12:30 PM
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just a thought, if he is only 12 weeks old and he is in a 4ft viv, then the size/space ratio could be wrong

get some plyboard or cardboard, cut to size of viv, this can be used to reduce the size of the viv, it can be moved as he grows.

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Thanks very much for your help guys.

Good news today - he pooped! Phew! We waited nearly 7 days but got there in the end! ha ha!

He is also back to a normal bed time routine on the last couple of nights and he is much more active - glass dancing etc. He even walked out onto my boyfriend's hand yesterday and took a bit of apple from us (still not eating veg from the bowl tho and only eating about 5-10 crickets a day). But hopefully he has adjusted now. We were anxious to make him happy but with a bit of patience he seems to be doing well now fingers crossed.

Thanks again for the tips. Much appreciate the advice.
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Don't worry about the veg, my young ones hardly ever touched it but as they got older they ate it more, some like it some don't, just keep offering it and your viv will be fine, I think the Ozzy outback is bigger than 4ft.
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