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You don't need to be a premium member to post photos, you just need to host the photos somewhere like photobucket. There is a tutorial on it at the top of the nubie part of the forum.

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Originally Posted by Ruben2013 View Post
Hi, do i have to upgrade to premium membership to upload pics? The viv is full of hidey places and plants and I will be having strict words with Ruben about leaving alone, especially after we have to take it out to reorganise.

I'm not sure what you mean about the wattage, will it harm him/her? at the moment we have the sun glo in (40W) and it produces enough heat at the top (25c) and changed to blueish night one (40W) to simulate night and it heats too! I get the UVB and will look into it.

Thanks again.
no you don't need premium membership go to and upload them there then copy paste the img code into ur post. sorry typing one handed lol im on the phone.
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Default Photos

Rexy sleeping a few mins ago...

Viv before reorganisation... I've had an idea about that...thought I'd cover the earth with plastic (that way I can keep the plants in) and then cover the plastic with kitchen roll?? Hopefully the best of both worlds.

Thanks again.
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that looks like a lovely little crestie you got there it looks like an extreme halloween harlequin from the picture.

I would totally get rid of that thermometer in the future and get a digital one. those stick on ones can be 5-10c out but something to look into in the future.

try and get some more silk plants on the right of the exo fake ones are fine for now and you can plant more in the future

its looking good though
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Thanks, i agree we need more on the other side. It loves to curl up on the leaves to sleep and at night climbs around the glass side.

We use the stick on thermometer to measure the humidity and the black wire in the pic is the digital thermometer. I put it by Rexy and got a bit of a shock, it reads 14.3 but it seems to like it there! It's amazing how the markings can completely disappear sometimes, it can sometimes look the same colour as the vine (you can just about see him in the big pic).

The skull was my son's idea!

Off to try out the plastic & kitchen roll idea.
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baby crested gecko , newbie

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