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Default CWD will not eat crickets or locust HELP !!

My cwd will not eat crickets or locust, I know that they are an important part of his diet and and he cant live on mealworms and wax worms.
Please could someone give me some advise as I am new to this and want to keep my cwd healthy
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Edited my post out as the following offers a solution.
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CWDs would feed on grubs in the wild, which is why most have an aversion to crickets/locusts/roaches in captivity. There are plenty of grubs you can try feeding your CWD; silk worms, calci-worms, butter worms, pachnoda grubs if he's big enough and even earthworms will be accepted. Mealworms aren't too bad if you properly gut load and dust them.
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Thankyou for your help will definitly look into finding those other grubs for him
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