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Old 18-07-2016, 10:30 AM
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Default Edinburgh Zoo

Finally made it there. It's a nice enough zoo and I like how it's lacking those tacky fairground attractions a lot of other animal parks have these days (IMHO the noise can't be good for the animals and at the end of a day you go to a zoo to see the animals and not ride on a roundabout) and the keepers are all very knowledgeable and friendly.
Some of the pictures aren't the best because you were not supposed to use any flash, again something I strongly agree with.

Koala male (the female was fast asleep)


Sleepy Sunbear

Capuchin baby just hanging around. I could have watched the primates for hours.

Scatter feed

Little Squirrel Monkey. He (or she) kept trying to offer pieces of his apple to my youngest through the glass. He must have recognized a relative lol.

They're so smart. One of the Capuchines made apple juice by rubbing his apple half on a tree branch and then licking it up.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
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Buff Cheeked Gibbon

The Chimpanzees had a bit of a fall out over the scatter feed. Very fascinating posturing

Male and female in deep conversation

Mum and Baby

Cassowary wasn't happy about small birds in the bushes surrounding his enclosure, but then: When is a Cassowary ever happy lol?

Gentoo Penguin

No-one is as chilled as this CHimpanzee

Absolutely gorgeous African Hunting Dogs.
This one only had 3 legs, but seems to be the undisputed leader


Off to steal the other one's booty

Cheeky male off with the younger one's dinner

Gendoo Penguin with very young chick

Rock Hyrax (just love that face)

Because you're worth it! Fabulous Asiatic Lion and his wife

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Eastern White Pelicans

Chilean Flamingos having a natter

Dinner time

Very handsome King Penguin

Sumatran Tiger, only the one was out. They're getting a new massive enclosure with a glass tunnel for visitors to walk under

After hiding for the whole day, Giant Panda "Yang Guan" finally made a short appearance just before closing time(one of the keepers teased him out with a treat). The female needs some peace and quiet,as it is breeding season at the moment:
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