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Originally Posted by feorag View Post
I'm sure not all of them are highly poisonous. Certainly I kept my Crown of Thorns because I worked on the principle that they'd have to be desperate to risk the thorns to get at the leaves.

To be honest I bet you any money that the plant in the bathroom is on that list, but they eat it.

Onion has always chewed on it since I've had him, but never had any problems or tummy upsets.
The only problem it caused was Onion started to piddle in the bottom, so I covered it in little stones to try to put him off. Millie, being the mother hen she is decided one day to eat the lot! Lucky enough they all passed through, it now has huge pebbles and he doesn't use it anymore to pee in.
Cass used to eat it too as a pup, and has always been fine.
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I have five cats here and four of them chew at my houseplant which include draceana and rubber tree and two bonsai trees. As I didn't want to rehome either the cats or the house plants I used a spray bottle filled with water which I would spray them with whenever they attempted to chew the leaves on any of them. I generally found one quick quirt directed at their bottoms was enough to get them away an now I only have one very devilish cat who literally sits there and watches me get up and get the spray bottle to spray him before he stops and runs like hell to contend with so it may beworth a try with you cats
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