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Leeds Premier Reptile Centre
384 Kirkstall Road
“The widest selection of quality livestock in West Yorkshire”.
The first shop in Yorkshire to stock colour phase Ball Pythons.
Fully Updated Live Stock list @ of 23/06/06
Colubrid Snakes
Velvet Jungle Cornsnake – C.B2002 – Male - £119.95
- This snake was produced by David Kershaw, famous in breeders circles for producing strange but interesting hybrids across two genera. Here we have an adult male snake produced by originally breeding a Ruthven’s Kingsnake to a Cornsnake, then back breeding these hybrids to a pure cornsnake. This morph was termed the ‘Velvet’ Cornsnake. Corny in appearance but as smooth as a kingsnake to the touch.
Anerthrystic Cornsnake – C.B2002 – Male - £99.95
- This is a proven breeding adult male. He has sired two clutches of eggs this season. He has excellent body weight and an equally impressive demeanour. Being Anerthrystic he has no brown or red pigment present. Yellow is beginning to appear in his chin area. Would make an excellent pet or addition to a breeding project.
Amelanistic Cornsnake – C.B2003 – Male - £89.95
- An excellent snake which is carrying good body weight, doesn’t seem so keen on the girls so would probably be better suited as a pet.
Opal Cornsnakes – C.B2005 – Females - £174.95
- Probably the most advanced of the genetic colours phases that we currently have in stock at S’N’A. An Opal corn is an Amelanistic Lavender cornsnake but look as youngsters almost the same as Snow Corns. A un-miss-able addition to any serious corn breeders collection.
Creamsicle Cornsnakes – C.B2006 – Male & Female - £64.95
- Creamsicle Cornsnakes are proably the most well established hybrid here. Creamsicles are derived from Great Plains Ratsnakes blood and then albinised, as the Great Plains Ratsnake carries far more darker pigments when these are removed the amounts of yellow and orange are far greater than that of a standard amelanistic cornsnake. Well built snakes (they get this from the Gt Plain side of things) that are proably one of the hardiest forms around.
Hypomelanistic Cornsnakes – C.B2004 – Male & Female - £84.95
- Hypomelanism is a reduction in the amount of black pigment present on the snake, think of a normal cornsnake, but remove 90% of the black from the saddles and this what you get. Both of these snakes are feeding very well and are most attractive. Hypomelanism when used with type B anerthrysm produces (eventually) the stunning Silver Queen Ghost morph.
Normal Cornsnakes – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £35.00
- At S’N’A we sell Carolina, Classic and Oaketee (look-alikes not pure) as normals. The latter variants are by far the prettiest of Corns. Pure Oaketee blood is now greatly sought after and if it was available it could demand as much as some of the rarest of genetic colour morphs.
Amelanistic Cornsnakes – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £39.95
- Amelanistic snakes have had the brown and black pigments removed, leaving you with a striking red, white and orange snake. These snakes have the most piercing ruby red eyes. Lovely snakes, established and feeding.
Hypomelanistic Cornsnakes (G.O) – C.B2006- Females - £64.95
- Hypomelanism is a reduction in the amount of black pigment present on the snake, think of a normal cornsnake, but remove 90% of the black from the saddles and this what you get. Both of these snakes are feeding very well and are most attractive. Hypomelanism when used with type B anerthrysm produces (eventually) the stunning Silver Queen Ghost morph.
Ghost Cornsnakes(G.O) – C.B2006 – Male & Females - £59.95
- Ghost is produced by back breeding a snow cornsnake to an anerthrystic cornsnake, the rest is a faint ghostly appearance of the black pigment in almost grey scale effect. A highly sought after and most attractive variant. We have a number of stocky individuals which are feeding well and settled in completely.
Sunglow Cornsnakes(G.O) – C.B2006 – Male & Females - £64.95
-These are selectively bred Amelanistics to have little or no white. They also contain the Hypomelanistic trait, which reduces any white. The females examples we have in stock of this variant are quite literally breath taking.
Albino Reverse Oaketee Cornsnakes – Hi-white (G.O) – C.B2006 – Males & Female - £49.95
- Charles would have to say that this was his all time favourite morph of corn snake. The amount of white on the examples we have is quite literally amazing (god I fell like Sam off big brother!!!). Would like to see more of these available in the future.
Snow Cornsnakes – C.B2006 – Males & Females - £49.95
- Snow is a rather long winded trait to produce. It occurs by breeding an Amelanistic Corn to a Anerthrystic Corn ( this then cancels out all pigment apart from yellow). The babies from this breeding appear normal but are what is called Double het for Snow. By breeding these babies together there is then a 1 in 16 chance of producing a snow corn. Complicated I know! – We have a dozen or more of this popular colour morph in stock.
Anerthrystic Cornsnakes – C.B2006 – Males & Females - £49.95
- The black & white cornsnake, stunning hi-contrast examples of this highly regarded morph. We have 6 in stock.
Anerthrystic Cornsnakes – C.B2005 – Male - £64.95
- This snake was produced early on in the season and is far larger than any of our other c.b’05 corns. Good tempered with higher than usual contrast between the black and white. Mother was a caramel corn.
Amelanistic Cornsnake – C.B2004 – Male - £59.95
- Higher white saddles than usual but not well enough defined to be a reverse oaketee. Pretty snake, well grown on.
Creamsicle Cornsnake – C.B2004 – Female - £84.95
- this by far and away one of the prettiest cremsicles we have ever had in. Text book high orange saddles on this youngster. Would make tremendous project snake for real high contrast creamsicles. Picture belies true beauty of this specimen.
Ghost Cornsnakes – C.B2004 – Male & Female - £69.95 each
- Well grown on animals, yearlings of a respectable size. Would suit some one wanting to get into breeding cornsnakes. Tame and feeding well.

Baird’s Ratsnake (100% het Hypo) – C.B2005 – Male & Female - £69.95
- Stunning slate grey snakes from Southern U.S. Orange inter-stital skin makes these snakes more attractive the more they grow. Both of our animals are feeding well and are well established. Tame for the species.
Japanese X Russian Ratsnakes – C.B2005(W.G.O) – Male & Female - £69.95
- A rarely seen hybrid between a beginner species (Russian) and an intermediate level species (Japanese). The result is a snake leaning more to the Russian ratsnake in appearance but with the green wash of colour associated with Japanese Ratsnakes, well grown on and chunky with the frame of a Russian Ratsnake.
Japanese Ratsnake (Kunishir Island) – C.B2005(W.G.O) – Male & Female - £59.95
- Japanese Ratsnakes are a shy species not enjoying being handled. They are not aggressive but their displeasure is marked by going off food. This snake is more for a Ratsnake enthusiast than rank beginner.
Dione’s Ratsnake – C.B2004 – Male - £49.95
- Lovely snakes, I much prefer these to Cornsnakes. Gentle natured, good feeders. Brilliant
Dione’s Ratsnakes – C.B2005 – Males - £34.95
- Lovely snakes, I much prefer these to Cornsnakes. Gentle natured, good feeders. Brilliant
European Ladder Snake – C.B2005 – Female - £84.95
- A rarely seen and interesting species. A face that looks nothing like a ratsnake. These snakes have been known to be cannibals, and as such we at S’N’A recommend keeping them separately. Very chunkily built with no hesitation at feeding time.
Russian Ratsnakes – C.B2004 – Male & Female - £84.95
- One of the most popular species we sell. Unusually we don’t have both variants of this ratsnake, just the nominate form. Both are easily catered for and can be kept much in the same manner as the North American Ratsnakes. Both snakes feeding well.
Belle’s Glade Albino Everglades Ratsnake – C.B2005 – Male & Female - £200.00 pair
- Originally found by Bill Love in the Belle Glade Area a very strange looking animals were collected and taken back to the breeding facility. The animals were bred and low and behold were het for albino. These snakes show strong striping and high red : yellow ratio of colours. Jaw hit the flaw when I saw the adult male. Would make a most intriguing breeding project. Pair well grown on and feeding.
Albino Black Ratsnake – C.B2002 – Male - £94.95
- Big male albino black rat, all of 6ft if not more. Completely tame. High red-orange colouration on the head but fades to nearly patternless off white at the back. Great snake, great colours!!
Kingsnakes & Milksnakes
Albino Californian Kingsnake – C.B2006 – Male & Female - £64.95
- These are striped albinos that fully show off the famous pastel pink with dazzling yellow. Kingsnakes are cannibals and should always be housed separately. Will grow to be chunky 5ft animals. Both snakes feeding in the kingsnake manner (dustbins!). Need more handling to settle down, would make great pets.
Huachuca Mountain Kingsnake – C.B2005 – Females - £99.95
-These ‘Woodini’ kingsnakes are particularly attractive and come from the tri-coloured group. Small in adult size reach a maximum size of 3.5-4ft. As with all of the smaller Kings care should be taken to not over handle these snakes as it may affect their willingness to feed.

Thayer’s Kingsnake – C.B2005 – Male & Female - £79.95
- Within this pair we have one of each of the colour types. The male is what is called Milksnake Phase, whilst the female is our favourite the Leoni’s Phase. Both snakes are stunning and feeding well. One of the hardiest of the Mexican tri-colour group.
Sinaloan Milksnake – C.B2002 – Female - £94.95
- With its thin bands and large expanses of red pigment, this makes for an attractive species. This adult female is unproven and would be a great addition to any breeders group.
Mexican Milksnake – C.B2002 – Male - £84.95
- This adult unproven male is a cracker showing the trade mark burgundy washed reds with rich yellows and blacks. Ready to breed this coming season. Hand tame.
Tangerine Honduran Milksnake – C.B2005 – Male - £69.95
- Gorgeous. One word says it all, will mature to be a medium – large snake at 5-6ft. Quick but with work will calm down. Feeding well.
Honduran Milksnake (100% Het Albino) – C.B2005 – Females - £99.95
- Albino Honduran milksnake have got to be one the of the most visually stimulating of all snake colour morphs, here we have a way of producing them. Both the females in stock have the genes to produce this sought after colour phase. Feeding well but very fast. Non-Aggressive.
Pueblan Milksnake – C.B2006 – Female - £64.95
-My personal favourite form of Milksnake, lovely equal banding. Will mature to 3ft. Tame, feeding well. What more could you ask?
Other Colubrids
Diadem Racer – L.T.C – Female - £49.95
- This Leighton’s Diadem is feeding well and relatively tame. Whilst it does try to escape handling it is not backed up by the trademark biting.
Green Cat Eyed Snakes – C.B2005 - £99.95
- These absolutely gorgeous snakes from the Boiga family are rear-fanged arboreal species. They currently have a big well formed lime green head with silver eyes, whilst the body is a lovely brick red-brown. As they grow the body will turn the same colour as the head maturing at 6ft in length.
Boid Snakes

Spider Royal Python – C.B2004 – Male - £3499.99
- One of the most sought after morphs of royal python. A Co-Dominant trait that only requires one animal to produce the morph. No more waiting to breed resultant hets to get the results. Do it in one generation! – One recently for sale same sex and size as this, at the I.H.S show (Doncaster)was up for £ 5 K !!!!!
Pastel Royal Python – C.B2005 – Male - £795.00
- A Co-Dominant morph that produces some lovely animals. Cracking example of this variant. We are finding the Pastels a popular morph, this being our third in a fortnight!!.
100% het Albino Royal Python – C.B2005 – Female - £675.00
-Now here we are!!! Finally a female for people with visual albinos!! – She is a well grown animal, capable of eating standard weaner rats. A season away from breeding if she carries on growing at this rate.
100% het Ghost Royal Python – C.B2005 – Female - £575.00
- Produced from a cracking male ghost, picture made available on request.
100% het Ghost Royal Python – C.B2005 – Male - £295.00
- Produced from a cracking male ghost, picture made available on request.
Normal Royal Pythons – C.F2006 – Males & Females - £64.95 – strike feeding defrost
- We have decided to abandon the indexed colour traits of our royals. Now you can get high-golds and tiger banded royals for the same price as the standard royals!. We currently have 10 strike feeding royals ready to go, some of these snake have had nearly 10 feeds and are noticeably growing. At the moment there is around 70 assist feeding royals which can be reserved until feeding to our standards.
Tiger Calico X Het Calico Reticulated Python – C.B2004 – Female - £475.00 – Currently on hold.
- We cannot sell this as a calico yet as it not showing. But it came from a Calico female to a het male. So by rights it should be a calico. The calico gene seems to be problematic and not particularly straight forward. If the colours do begin to break later in life, this snake would be worth 10 times this easily. Feeding very well and completely tame.
Kayuadi Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons – W.C – Male & Female - £295.00
- These snakes are fully mature animals at around 5.5ft. Both feed excellently on defrost animals. We have decided at S’N’A if these snakes are still here come September then we will keep them to breed ourselves, that’s how confident we are these animals are of top quality.
Granite Burmese Python – C.B2004 – Female - £995.00
- This snake originally produced in the U.S by New England Reptile Distributors is one of the most attractive granites we have seen, she is currently around the 8-9ft mark. Carrying excellent body weight, would make a great addition to any Burmese breeders projects.
Green Burmese Python (100% het Albino) – C.B2006 – Male & Female - £230.00
- Really sought after genetic colour morph of Burmese. Cheap to, usually priced around the £300 mark. Get ‘em whilst we have ‘em. Limited Numbers.
Albino Burmese Pythons – C.B2006 – Male & Female - £145.00
- As far as we are aware this makes these albino’s the cheapest around. Both sexes available . High contrast colours. Dutch blood line.
100% het Green Burmese Python – C.B2005 – Male - £79.95
- This has got to be one of the best priced het greens in the country, green phase Burmese regularly still fetch £300. An excellent foot on the ladder in Burmese python morphs.
Indian Rock pythons – C.B2004 – Males - £399.95
- Pure as the driven snow!!! – These jaw-dropping snakes exhibit classic Indian markings which are rich in peach colours. Temperament currently leaves a lot to be desired. Both males come with photographic I.D certificates.
True Dwarf African Rock Pythons – C.B2003 – Female - £224.95
- This 100% Natelensis came in to us and well what can we say, stunning. None of the low contrast mottling of the normal African rock. Lovely rich tans and browns well defined and set off from the slate grey flanks. Completely tame, a pleasure to work with.
Biak Green Tree Python – C.B2003 – Female - £795.00
- Adult female at approx 4.5ft, ready to breed. Only 1, 1st come 1st served. Swaps considered.
Manokwari Green Tree Pythons – C.B2005 – Unsexed - £395.00
- From the Northern-most tip of Mainland Irian Jaya, these Manokwari’s are fully established and feeding every 5 days on rat pups. These animals unfortunately are still too small to sex. We do not wish to cause the animals any problems with their tails or prolapse by probing them.
Biak Green Tree Pythons – C.B early2005 – Males - £375.00
- Well grown on animals easily capable of taking a small adult mouse or small rat fuzzy. We tend to double up on rat pups in truth. Stunning yellows, very bright. Feeding machines. WOW!!!
Malaysian Blood Python – W.C – Female - £129.95
- Fully established female blood, taking weaner rats with gusto. Calm at first but will only tolerate short periods of handling. The malays are the largest form of blood and one could easily expect this specimen to reach 7-8ft (yet carry the girth of an 18ft Burmese!). One of the easier pythons to maintain.
Amaral’s Red Tail Boas – C.B2005 – Male- £375.00
- This true Amarali is with out a doubt the most attractive boas we have ever had in stock. If and when we get more of this species a quartet has been ear marked for our own breeding projects. This snake will not dis-appoint.
Dumeril’s Boas – C.B2000 – Male & Female - £275.00
- These fully mature snakes are ready to go breeding wise, just need cycling properly. Both around 5ft in length. Feeding well on med-large rats.
Argentine Boas – C.B1997+1996 – Females - £275.00
- Occidentalis are getting harder and harder to find. These fully mature females, both around the 7ft mark are raring to go breeding wise, all you need now is a male. Both feeding well, only one draw back. They have the usual argie temperament. NOT nice!!
Anerthrystic Common Boas – C.B2006 – Females - £175.00
- This is an absolutely fantastic price for female Anery’s. Find em this cheap anywhere else. We fell lucky this year as we had a breeding age anery female and pair her with a common boa male to just produce hets. Turns out the male was a het and we didn’t even know about it. Ended up with 10 Anerys, all 10 being female and 9 hets with only 1 male there.RESERVATIONS ONLY UNTIL FEEDING.
100% het Anerthrystic Common Boas – C.B2006 – Male - £125.00
- Carrying the all important gene for either the ghost or snow boa projects. Only 1 produced out of 19 babies. Shame. RESERVATIONS ONLY UNTIL FEEDING.
100% het Anerthrystic Common Boas – C.B2006 – Females - £100.00
- Again carrying a rather useful gene for all you boa breeders out there, ready when feeding. RESERVATIONS ONLY UNTIL FEEDING.
Common Boas (25% Hog Island influence) – C.B2006 – Males & Females - £109.95
- Carrying a wild amount of salmon on both the flanks and the dorsum. These snake are going to be some thing else when mature. Got to be seen to be appreciated.
25% common X 75% red tail Boa (Guyana + Peru) – C.B2005 – Female - £129.95
- Now approaching 3.5ft and very well built. Eating 2-3 weaners a week. Hand tame. Possibly the perfect pet boa.
Polish Line Pastel Boa – C.B2005 – Female - £109.95
- Imperfect, please enquire. Good feeder, nice colours.
Common Boa – C.B2005 – Unsexed - £75.00
- Nice common boa with strange patternation, almost patternless grey sides with very strong joined up saddellation down the dorsum. Weird. Feeding well & tame.
Common Boas – C.B2006 – Male & Females - £60.00
- 30 born 29 female. What are the odds!!! – Competitivly priced common boas almost showing pastel like colours on some. Will be ready when feeding. RESERVATIONS ONLY UNTIL FEEDING.
Brazillian Rainbow Boas – C.B2006 – Males & Females - £130.00
- We have 5 of these cracking little snakes in stock. Lovely pale bodies for now but just watch em colour up with age. Superb as that next snake species. Dutch bloodline.
Agamid Lizards
True Rankin’s Dragons (G.O) – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £84.95
- As soon as I saw these little guys I knew I had to buy them. Absolutely perfect examples of their species. Any one with a perchant for Pogona would be proud to have these as part of their collection.
Bearded Dragons – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £49.95
- The second to last litter from this year as we have decided to out source bearded dragons in the future. We still intend to provide bearded dragons of the highest quality and these are now different. New blood hatching out now (ready on 4 weeks.)
Adult proven female Bearded Dragons – C.Bvarious- Females - £175.00
- Not had an overly productive year this time round, partially as we have been concentrating so hard on propagating our snake species. Decided to sell them to pay for the renovations taking place down stairs in the breeding room. No clapped out animals, all female under 4 years old.
Adult Proven Male Bearded Dragons – C.Bvarious – Males - £95.00
- Both males have been proven on numerous occasions, either good as breeding stock or equally suitable as a pet at this price.
Lacertid Lizards
Locally Bred European Green Lizards – C.B2005 – Males & Females - £44.95
- These really are fantastic little lizards, hand tame, Manageable size-wise, breath-taking emerald green colours. What more could you want from a family pet?
Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink – C.F2003 – Unsexed - £149.95
- Lovely tempered full grown blue tongue skink, eating loads of veg & fruit as well as livefoods. Not over weight, perfect built. Some one really looked after this animal before it came into us. Would make excellent starter species.
Berber Skink – L.T.C – Males & Females - £22.50
- Possibly the perfect pet skink. Nearly always tame, inquisitive, incredibly cute, hardy and ever so easy to care for. Hot and dry and you got it cracked. Ideal for beginners. Our favourite species of skink.
Sand Fish Skinks – W.C – Unsexed - £9.95
- Weird little chappies that bury away under the sand at great speed. Tame all-be-it a bit wriggly!!!. Good feeders, must be kept at high temperatures with sand as their preferred substrate.
Yemeni Chameleons – C.B2006 – Males & Females - £64.95
- Well established and grown on pairs of this fantastic chameleon, we will not sell these as starter species. Chameleons do not enjoy being handled and it causes stress. Please note females permanently housed separately will produce infertile eggs.
Monitor Lizards
True Pure Red Spiny Tailed Monitors – Male & Female - £1995.00 (Pair – Will not split)
- An adult pair of this near impossible to find variant of Acanthanurus. Completely tame and ready to breed. Would make an excellent project.
True Pure Yellow Spiny Tailed Monitors – Male & Female – £295.00
- Even though these little guys are probably a year away from being able to breed they are trying already. Tame, inquisitive and feeding like dustbins.
Spiny tailed monitors – Unsexed – C.B2006 - £130.00
- Lovely chunky little babies carrying excellent body weight, these are standard spiny tails and would make an excellent pet. Must be kept at high temperatures, U.V exposure recommended
Blue Tailed Monitor (36”) – W.C – Unsexed - £199.95
- this species used to be grouped with the mangrove monitor, but has no been given its own classification. Maturing at 5ft these blue tails are not for the faint of heart. Stunning colours, have been wormed and are gaining weight weekly.
Nabire Blue Tailed Monitor (36”) – W.C – Unsexed - £224.95
- Same care and adult size as the normal blue tail but this locality carries a far higher saturation of colour, one of the most stunning monitors we have seen. Again please ensure you have room before enquiring, these animals as adults would require a 8’x3’x3’ enclosure.
Speckled Asian Water Monitor (20”) – W.C – Unsexed - £124.95
- This is the largest species of monitor that we sell, capable of 7ft in length prospective owners MUST ensure they have room to house an adult. 12’x4’x4’ is around the enclosure size you will be looking at, around 1/3 of the average living room! – This is a form of salvator and has been classed in the U.S as V.S.Bivittatus. Rather than having the off white thick banding of a standard Asian they are speckled all over, with a dot on nearly every scale.
Speckled Asian Water Monitor (36”) – W.C – Unsexed - £124.95
- This is the largest species of monitor that we sell, capable of 7ft in length prospective owners MUST ensure they have room to house an adult. 12’x4’x4’ is around the enclosure size you will be looking at, around 1/3 of the average living room! – This is a form of salvator and has been classed in the U.S as V.S.Bivittatus. Rather than having the off white thick banding of a standard Asian they are speckled all over, with a dot on nearly every scale.
Bosc Monitor – C.F2006 – Unsexed - £44.95
- The most popular monitor we sell, although we turn a lot of people away as we don’t believe they are prepared for the eventual adult size of a bosc (especially males) which could be 4.5ft!!! – That said with work they are a tame, manageable? Species. Take take when feeding as these animals are gluttons and become obese easily. Enquire in store for more information.
Crested Geckos (G.O) – C.B2006- Unsexed - £49.95
- Requiring minimal heat and no u.v these arboreal tropical species are one of the easiest species to maintain. That said we always maintain our animals in heated enclosures and we found that their growth rate is far quicker. Wonderful animals, U.K bred by top breeder.
Lesser Wonder Geckos – W.C – Unsexed - £49.95
- Although aggressive these interesting little geckos make excellent study pets, also called frog eyed geckos, this species has one of the cutest faces in the animal world, with big innocent looking eyes!!! Until you put your hand in! Gaining weight.
Persian Spider Geckos – W.C – Unsexed - £44.95
- Our favourite Gecko, bar none. Just something about these little guys, they are great. A greyscale Gecko with all shades from black to white in their speckles and bands. Excellent pets.
Fan Footed Geckos – W.C – Unsexed - £10.50
- Interesting species with thin bodies and legs then these big spayed feet capable of wall climbing. Feeding well and gaining weight.
Jewelled Ground Geckos – W.C – Unsexed - £8.49
- Tiny little chaps, all feeding well and gaining weight. Some of these have absolutely stunning colours. Would make excellent pets, require only the most modest of enclosures,
Horsefields Tortoises - £160.00
- Only 1 of this hardy species left, the remaining animal is a very stocky 3 year old animal. Carrying lots of yellow on the carapace, beautiful animal
Hermanns Tortoises - £155.00
- Well grown on animals, 3 years old. Approximately 5inches in size. Males and females available. Beautiful shells. All come with correct paperwork.
Red Foot Tortoises - £160.00
- A large tropical species hailing from Barbados. This species requires animal protein in it’s diet. Prospective buyers need to be away that this species can reach 18” in length and will require a large enclosure as adults.
Leopard Tortoises - £160.00
- A large prairie species from Africa, this species thrives mainly on grasses, best stuff to use is grow bags of Old English Meadow Mix. This can be used in accompaniment with standard veg.
Mata Mata Turtle – 12” – W.C – Female - £250.00
- As far as we are aware this is one of the only Mata Matas available for sale in the U.K and the nearest ones to our shop are part of the collection at Chester ZOO!!!!! – Feeding well on goldfish and gaining weight. One of the weirder species available at Snakes’N’Adders.
Colorado River Toads – L.T.C – Unsexed - £149.95
- One of the rarest species of Toad in captive collections! – These animals can only be collected a few months of the year as they are underground in cocoons in the Colorado river basin. We believe there is less than 10 of these in the country, and we have a pair (not guaranteed, female smaller?)
False Tomato Frogs – L.T.C – Unsexed - £34.95
- The 2 animals we have are exceptional examples of their species. Both are adults carrying great body weight. Definitely our favourite species of frog.
Spotted Salamanders – W.C – Unsexed - £22.50
- Both these adult animals have excellent body weight and are a pleasure to keep. Would make excellent beginner amphibian species. Super animals.
Asian Painted Bull Frogs (Chubby Frogs) – W.C – Unsexed - £12.50
- Big bodied with small mouths, interesting species of bull frog. Can become very chunky. Feeding well.
Oriental Fire Bellied Toads – W.C – Unsexed - £12.50
- Our most popular species of toad. Easy to maintain, always feed well. Bomb-proof.
White’s Tree Frogs – L.T.C – Unsexed - £10.95
- Our most popular species of frog, chunky bodied easy to keep species. Tame and good feeders. Require larger than usual tank on account of their size and arboreal tendancies.
Argentine Horned Frog – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £22.50
- Grown on examples at the best price we have seen. Excellent pet species, hardy and not too demanding.
Albino Argentine Horned Frog – C.B2006 – Unsexed - £27.50
- Grown on stunning yellow bumps!! – Cracking colours, hardy and not demanding. Make excellent pet species. Great stuff!!!!
European Green Toads – W.C – Unsexed - £8.49
- My favourite species of toad. Easy to maintain, can be very colourful. Tame and not too hoppy!. Kept these as a child and found them a very rewarding species to keep.
U.S Green Tree Frogs – W.C – Unsexed - £8.49
- Easy to keep but very jumpy, the specimens we have in stock are very chunky. Excellent starter study species, not to be handled. (you’ll lose them!)
Arachnids & Invertibrates
Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula – C.B2004 – Unsexed - £74.95
- Largest species of spider, known to attain sizes of 12 inches across!!!!!!! – This specimen is around 4” front to back. Slight balding of abdomen due to aggressive nature.
Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula – C.B2005 – Unsexed - £50.00
- Largest species of spider in the world, known to attain sizes of 12 inches across!!!!! – Two specimens available at around 2-3”. Feeding well and shedding regularly.
Indian Ornamental – C.B2002 – Female - £50.00
- This female just shed a few days ago, leg span when flat around 9 inches. Feeding well with spectactular colours.
Indian Ornamental – C.B2003 – Female - £50.00
- This is a slightly smaller female than the other Indian we have. She is around 7 inches, although she is the brighter coloured. Feeding well.
Cobalt Blue Tarantula – W.C – Females - £50.00
- Probably one of the most aggressive tarantula species we have come across. Also one of the most beautiful. A handful but a beautiful handful!!
Trinidad Chevron – C.B2002 – Female - £40.00
- The biggest spider we have in stock at the moment. Absolutely beautiful in an understated way. Irredescent colours one top of a plethora of tan shades and bands.
Pink Toe Tarantula – W.C – Females - £20.00
- An arboreal starter species, not aggressive but very fast, care must be taken when handling.
Usambara Orange Baboon – C.B04 – Female - £12.00
- A close second in the aggression stakes losing only to the cobalt blues. To make matters more scary they are also arboreal!!! – Stunning orange and tan markings though. Beautiful study animal.
Chillean Rose Tarantula – W.C – Female - £10.00
- These are the cheapest adult
Giant Salmon Pink Tarantula –C.B2005 – Unsexed - £7.95
Emporer Scorpion – L.T.C – Unsexed - £14.95
Ghana Giant Millipede – L.T.C – Unsexed - £14.00

(G.O) – Grown on
(W.G.O) – Well Grown on
(C.B) – Captive Bred
(C.F) – Captive Farmed
(W.C) – Wild Caught
(L.T.C) – Long Term Captive
(Het) – Heterozygous – This means carrying the gene to produce a colour phase but not shown in the animals colours. Usually this is accompanied by a %. This % tells you how likely it is that this animal is carrying the gene. Commonly seen % include , 100% het, 66% poss het, 50% poss het.
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Full Books, Drygoods & lighting Section.
Many prices 15% off R.R.P
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us on:
01132899911 (phone & fax)
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