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Default Holiday Boarding

Many people do not realise that we do holiday boarding.

Your animals are housed in a vivarium of the size you request. We also have one tortoise table available, and you can also bring your tanks, vivariums or tables in which reduces the charges.

We try where possible to use vivariums at the rear of our facility, where customers cannot see or stress the animals, giving them a quiet place away from home.

All boarders are kept on newspaper or kitchen towel unless specifically requested by the owner in the best interest of the animal. All vivariums are throughly cleaned between boarders with a high grade disinfectant supplied by our local veterinary practice. Lighting & heating is catered to your animal, with thermostatically controlled heat mats, basking spots and UVB lighting if necessary.

Coming spring 2010:
Our rear garden will be transormed encompassing new walk in avairy style enclosures, with partitions for boarding tortoises outside, and an indoor heated shed. Animals will be brought inside at night for security reasons. The public will be allowed to view this area on request only if we have an available member of staff to show you.

Food costs are on top and are catered to your requirements. You tell us what your animal eats and we will ensure that's what they are fed. If you are worried about the food, you can also supply your own.

Please note: You do need to book in advance! Especially around all school holidays and during the entire of the summer. Phone as early as possible and book the vivarium. We can occasionally take emergency/last minute booking but in these cases it may help if you can bring the vivarium with you, if ours are all fully booked. We do have a limited number of spaces.

Prices are per vivarium, not per animal. It is up to you what size vivarium you use, but we reserve the right to refuse to board anything which we consider to be unsuitable for the reptile’s size, so please let us know the size of your reptile and the tank you would like to book so we can ensure it is suitable.

24 x 18 x 18 - £1 per day
36 x 18 x 18 - £1.50 per day
48 x 18 x 18 - £2 per day
36 x 24 x 24 - £1.50 per day ** limited number available
36 x 24 x 30 - £3 per day ** limited number available
36 x 36 x 18 - £3 per day ** limited number available
48 x 24 x 24 - £3 per day ** limited number available
72 x 24 x 24 - £5 per day ** Very limited space, advance notice required

Racking System for snakes - 50L Tubs £5 per week

Own Tank - As above / 2
Bring your own tank and only pay half!

Tarantulas - £3 week
Tarantulas must come in own secure tank.

Tortoises - Price on Application depending on size of tortoise. Only 1 tortoise table approx 3 x 2 ft available at £2 per day. Garden boarding coming soon from £2 per day.

Prices including the vivarium, the lighting (inc UVB) & heating that are appropriate for the species. All food is charged for on top at our regular prices.

Providing Information:
Before you leave your animal with us you will be asked to provide information such as your name and address, and contact telephone number. Ideally we would appreciate somewhere we can contact you in case of emergency whilst away in addition to your home number. Any information about diet would also be useful.

You are free to call us on 02920 190291 at any time during your holiday to check on your pet – do not worry that you will be imposing, we will be happy to talk to you and ease any worries about your pet settling in!

Bringing your animal to us:
Bring your reptile in a secure container with air holes. We sell carry cages and faunariums which can be used for travel transport. You can also use any appropriate sized plastic tub with air holes, or a cardboard box or shoebox. You can leave this with us and take the animal away in it when you collect.

Our collection hours are the same as our regular opening hours. If it is pre-arranged we can open at a later date than usual for you to collect out of hours.

If anything happens:
It’s always best to be prepared! You should know that if something happens to your reptile outside of our control, we will attempt to contact you immediately on the numbers you have provided with us. If you are unavailable for contact, we will follow the recommendation of our qualified reptile veterinarian on the course of medical treatment required. Any vet bills that incur due to situations outside of our control will be presented to you on return. Your pet’s welfare will always be of the utmost importance to us.
Over 100 snakes & lizards available from with UK delivery options! Online store with actual pictures of our animals for sale.

Quickest responses via telephone to 02920 190291 or Facebook Message

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