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Default Free Sexing & Nail Clipping

Just to let you know, Reptile Cymru offers free sexing & nail clipping.


We can attempt to sex most species of lizard (except monitors and tegus) or snake (assuming they are big enough to do it safely) HOWEVER some are harder than others - therefore give us a ring, make sure one of the staff members are there who can help you, and describe the animal and size so we can let you know if you need to wait a while.

We recommend most lizards be at least 6 months before we can give a conclusive answer, we have sexed lizards as young as 8 weeks but there is no guarantee!

Snakes should either be hatchlings that can be easily popped, or well started juveniles/adults that can be probed. Probing has been accurate for us 99% of the time, but a snake with strong muscles can be deceptive. If in doubt, come back 2 or 3 times, if the answer is the same every time, you're likely to have your answer.

Nail Clipping:

Nail clipping is free of charge to our customers for small to medium lizards, such as bearded dragons and medium sized monitors. Unfortunately we recommend large lizards like nile monitors and iguanas be taken to a veterinary nurse.

Do note, just because your lizards nails are sharp does not mean they can be clipped, even clipped nails will still be quite sharp. Have a look at the nail and see how much nail there is past the black internal quik, if there is more than 0.5 cm on a bearded dragon and 1cm on larger lizards such as a tegu or medium sized monitor then it can probably be clipped.

To avoid regular nail clipping provide slate, rocks and branches in the vivarium so the lizard will wear it's nails down.

We only clip lizards, I have been asked before if we clip birds - we do not have an experienced avian staff member and will not clip a bird's nails. We recommend you contact an aviary or your local vets.

Bringing your animal to us:

Bring your animal in a secure container. We can sell tubs or faunariums with secure clipping lizards, or you can use a tupperware container or secure box - but do add air holes!

If you are travelling over an hour or are worried about the temperatures (if your car does not have heating, or it's a particularly cold spell), buy a heat pack on your previous visit for £1, or we can post it out to you in advance for £1.50

We cannot offer any veterinary treatment or advice, please make sure your lizard is in good health before travelling. Any travel can be stressful to an animal. Do not feed a snake within 48 hours of the drive if possible and ensure lizards are awake and warmed up before leaving the house with them to ensure they don't cool down too quickly!

Please always phone ahead on 02920 190291. Not all members of staff can sex all lizards and snakes, therefore you might have to come on a specific day when the most experienced member of staff is available.
Over 100 snakes & lizards available from with UK delivery options! Online store with actual pictures of our animals for sale.

Quickest responses via telephone to 02920 190291 or Facebook Message

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