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Default POTM June 2015

Welcome to June's POTM.

Apologies for the lack of a May competition, personal issues got in the way.

Thank you to our sponsor of the competition Coast to Coast Exoticsthe prizes for this months competition are

£25.00 to spend at their online shop

£15.00 to spend at their online shop

£10.00 to spend at their online shop

The theme for this month is "Summer"

Entries will close on the 28th of this month to allow for judging. Good luck!

Please check out the rules here before posting your pics.

Don't forget to visit our sponsors site for your reptile and invert needs!

Member number 1519.

Life has rules and so do these forums! They can be found easily with some simple browsing before you choose to break them.

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Time of year, for tree climbing, and weed eating.

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Originally Posted by Bexzini
Salazare Slytherin is the sexiest RFUK'er there ever was nom
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'Come here birdy, birdy!'

My Yellow Ratsnake does tree climbing and eating a bit differently
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summer = flowers, sunshine and cute babies

Royal - Mrs Snake
Cresties - Ducky and Wally
Leo - Cookie
Cats - Princess and Pepper
Horses - Tigger and Ethel
Hierodula membranacea - Audrey
Carausius morosus
Lots of fish
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This is Teddy sunbathing-

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My bamboo rat baby
Bamboo Rat Snakes
Aurora House Snakes
Trans pecos Rat Snake
Western Hognose Snakes
Corn Snakes
Californian King Snakes
Snow Kenyan Sand Boa
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Cb Trachycephalus resinifictrix
Cb Hyperolius marmoratus taeniatus
Cb Hyperolius c. concolor.
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GTP out in the sun.


My Flickr photo album
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