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Unhappy HELP! Yellow Bellied Slider Baby

I was bought a yellow bellied slider for my birthday in November by a friend.. We were told by the seller that we were to keep the turtle in lukewarm water and all they needed was a rock? Is this correct because on all the websites it indicates a heater and filter is needed? A friend of mine has one here in England and he doesnt use any of that and his turtle seems very active.

My turtle however isn't. He always seems to be basking, is active once in a blue moon and now isnt eating. The past 24 hours he has become very unactive. Hasn't moved a muscle since 8am (its now 15:25) when usually he will swim about.. Is he dead? HELP!

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Whats the temp of the basking area? It should be 30-35°, the water should low-mid20s for a baby, adults are fine at room temp water as long as you dont live in a fridge,ive 5 and have no water heater. A fish tank with a rock in it will not do,if hes too cold he will be going into a kind of winter hibernation, hopefully hes not dead!

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The most basic requirments for a turtle are:

A filter (externals work best but internal might be ok for a while)

A Basking area, the comprises of a basking bulb and an area where they can emerge from the water and completely dry off.

A UV Souce also.

Not providing a filter will lead to the water becoming unclean and harmful to the inhabitant(s) A lack of UV and basking will lead to further health problems also.

If the turtle is indoors the might become slightly less active for a while due to a change in temps etc but I doubt the house would get cold enough to trigger hibernation.

If the turtle is still alive you need to look at and change youur husbandry, going off the content of your post I would guess the turtle is probably ill and in need of a vet.
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Im guessing hes dead then???

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yellow bellied slider

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