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Default Box turtle sleeping weird

I have a box turtle who has been sleeping with his head and legs out of his shell for about a week now. I am just wondering is this normal, or indicative of a health issue. He otherwise seems healthy, but I only got him a year ago, and his previous home only fed him seasoned chicken breast and strawberries for two years, so he is pretty picky, and has some underlying kidney problems. His diet is made up of greens (collard, mustard, etc. etc.), blue buffet (zoo-med gel based food) earthworms, banana cream pie (zoo-med gel based food), and occasional fish (rosy red minnows. He lives with a smaller female, who eats the same diet, but with more protein (she has no kidney issues). The other turtle is fine. Anyway, he generally goes to sleep on a large flagstone which then can hide under, and is usually eagle spread with his head hanging over the side. It looks like he is dead most of the time, but when I tap his shell to wake him, he immediately pulls back into his shell, and seems normal.
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None of my boxies (terrapene and also cuora) sleep like this. (And I had quite a few to test this on.
Bearing in mind that this turtle already has issues, I would be moderately worried.
My first thoughts would be to spike its water with vitamins. (BSP drops are good).
I would also weigh with good quality digital scales on a weekly basis.
Carefully monitoring what it eats (is it greedy or picky?).. and if possible, examine faecal samples for anything other than good firm turds.
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