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Old 25-02-2007, 05:06 AM
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Default Tortoise breeders in Scotland?

Hi all, I stay in Glasgow and was thinking of getting one or two hermann or horsefield tortoise. It would be my first tortoise, as I currently only have a 7 years old re-eared slider. I know Scotland doesnt have the best of weathers suited, but I have the time/(indoor/outdoor)space and funds to give a tortoise a good home. Would you recommend a better type of tortoise though?

My main problem is finding a breeder in or near Scotland, like many others I have read up about the imprtance of finding a trusted breeder, however the only close preson i could find is one in Carlisle, and I've read that he's not to be trusted as he obtains his tortoise from Slovania or something. I have searched this forum and seen a similar post in the past about looking for breeders in Scotland, and I have messaged the author, but since the post was a while back I thought maybe there has been some new information. I've also slipped a e-mail to wizzasmum as shes known to be helpful, but she is located really far away, probably too far.

Any information is appreciated and ask questions freely.

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Smile scot torts

guy called harry fraser in kirkcaldy breeds tortoises, not sure what kind. i get my beardies from him. great guy, very experienced and knowledgable.

could pass your email to him if you wish.
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Old 25-02-2007, 04:29 PM
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That would be great jml220679, or even pass me his if you think he wont mind. Would love to know the details of type/age etc.

If there are any other suggestions for trusted breeders in or near scotland, keep posting

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That might have been me! I have now been given an adult tortie so have ceased looking for a captive bred baby. Wizzasmum may be able to help as she has a lot of knowledge.
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Old 28-02-2007, 09:11 AM
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The pet shop in Bathgate sells torts, it is a reputable shop. My son got his tort there and he(Geoffrey) is lovely and healthy.
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hey Munkys_Mommy, someone else told me of the same shop recently as well, I think I will go take a look.

Can you give me more details though, like the age of the tort you got, species, cost and wither it came with DEFRA certs and if you know if they were bred in UK? Also what other species did they have?


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***The pet shop in Bathgate sells torts, it is a reputable shop. My son got his tort there and he(Geoffrey) is lovely and healthy.***

I am afraid if the torts are imported then there is no way of knowing if they are healthy. Tortoises take a long time to become ill and something as simple as not givine wtaer for the duration of theri importation, handling with hands that have handled other reptiles or species of torts could have sealed it's fate for the forseeable future. Some people buying from pet shops are lucky. Amany many more are not. Do you wish to be associated with the wild caught trade in tortoises. If not then avoid all pet shops unless they can prove that these animals are not imported. Thousands of Slovenian tortoises come through the loophole each year as captive bred. Believe me they are not See here
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Old 28-02-2007, 05:57 PM
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o0o0 who else is from scotland??
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Question Tortoise breeder - Fife, Scotland

Hello. Does anyone know of any reputable tortoise breeders near Fife, Scotland?
I obviously don't want to be travelling very far under the current circumstances.

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