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Default Moving turtles from aquarium to pond.

How should I go about this? Is it even safe? I have an outdoor pond that is like 200 gallons. I have a res and a mississippi map turtle both in a 28 g bow front, which is getting to small for them. Now would either of them even survive outside? This is california you guys, san diego. Temps are like 70-85 during the day, and like 50-60 at night. Can these turtles survive without a heat lamp outside? And would I just feed them like normal?
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Both of those turts will be fine outdoors in California, we can keep RES outdoors year-round in most parts of the UK where it gets considerably cooler!

They don't need additional heat and yes you just feed them normally.

Have you tried Welcome to ATP for advice? Being a US based site they can probably advise you better than we can.
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