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Old 04-06-2009, 12:47 AM
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Default Gutted

We have 3 hills in our tortoise run, 1 our female always uses to lay her eggs and we converted 1 into a hide by digging out the middle and sticking a roofing slate on top then covering with soil to create a humid hide for them, it worked really well, a little too well.

It turns out all of the tortoises would pile in there and the poor one at the back would not be able to get out so I dug up the other 1 today to create another hide and found 5 eggs that must have been laid last year

I thought it was odd that she didn't lay last year, she's laid every other year for the last 6 years. Just feel really gutted that I missed her laying and the eggs went rotten.
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Ahhhhh poo - thats just as annoying as finding a sock halfway down the stairs just after you've switched on the washing machine to wash the last load of the day grrrrrrrrr
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Sorry to hear about that, hopefully you will get some more this year.

Do you have any pics of the hide as i was going to do something like that for my 2.
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